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Net Income, Operating Cash Flow & Cash Flow from Assets

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Trying to find the Net Income, Operating Cash Flow & The Cash Flow from Assets.

sales = $15,200
cost of goods = $11,400
Depreciation expense = $2,700
Interest Expense = $520
Dividends Paid $600

At the begging of the year:

net fixed assets = $9100
current assests = $3200
current liabilities = $1800

At the end of the year:

next fixed assest = $9700
current asset$3850
current liabilities = $2100
tax rate = 34%

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Solution Summary

The solution explains how to calculate the net income, operating cash flow and cash flow from assets.

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For Net Income we make the income statement
Sales 15,200
Cost of Goods Sold 11,400
Depreciation Expense 2,700
EBIT = 1,100
Interest Expense 520
Income before tax = 580
Tax (34%) = 197
Net ...

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