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    Calculating Cash Flows

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    Titan Football Manufacturing had he following operating results for 2014: sales=23,730, cost of goods sold= 16,780, depreciation expense=2,840, interet expense=414, dividends paid =616, At the begining of the year, net fixed asset were 16,560, current assets were 2,940, and current liabilities were 2,592. At the end of the year, net fixed assets were 18,840, current assets were 3,528 and current liabilities were 2,484. The tax rate for 2014 was 35 percent
    A .What is the net income for 2014
    B. What is the operating cash flow for 2014
    C. What is the cash flow from assets for 2014?
    D. If no new debt was issued during the year, what is the cash flow to creditors? What is the cash flow to stockholders?

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    Sales 23,730
    COGS 16,780
    Gross Profit 6,950
    Depreciation 2,840
    EBIT 4,110
    Interest 414
    Income before Taxes 3,696
    Taxes 1,294
    Net Income 2,402

    EBIT 4,110 ...

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