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Comparisons: Cash Flow From Operating Activities

More Company's net income last year was $37,000. The company paid a cash dividend of $2,000 and did not sell or retire any property, plant and equipment last year. Changes in selected balance sheet accounts for the year appear below:

Assets & Contra-Assets Increase/(Decrease)
Accounts Receivable $6,000
Inventory 5,000
Prepaid Expenses (3,000)
Long-term Investments 20,000
Accumulated Depreciation 26,000
Liability Accounts
Accounts Payable (7,000)
Income Taxes Payable 8,000

Based solely on this information, the net cash provided by operating activities under the indirect method of the statement of cash flows would be?

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Cash flow from operating activities

Net Income : 37,000
Depreciation : ...

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