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Statement of Cash Flows

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Classify the following cash flows as operating, investing, or financing activities.

1: Sold Long-term investments for cash

2: Received cash payments from customers.

3: Paid cash for wages and salaries.

4: purchased inventories for cash.

5: Paid cash dividends.

6: Issued common stock for cash.

7: Received cash interest on a note.

8: Paid cash interest on outstanding notes.

9: Received cash from sale of land at a loss.

10: Paid cash for property taxes on building.

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Accounting Problems - Reporting the Statement of Cash Flows

Cash flow statement provides information regarding cash inflows and outflows of the organization. Moreover they further show the cash flow of position of the organization activities into three key activities
1. Operating activities
2. Financing activities
3. Investing activities

The cash flow statement is intended to provide information on a firm's liquidity or solvency. The cash flow provides a clear ...

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The response discusses the statement of cash flows. Sold Long-term investments for cash are determined.