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Materials price variance

Expireall Corporation is in the finishing business. The following data took place during September: Number of units produced 500 units Material purchased 1,500 feet material used in production 1,050 Cost per foot of material per purchase $5.00 The standard cost card indicates that 2.0 fe

Corporate Finance

(Beta and required return) The riskless return is currently 6%, and Chicago Gear has estimated the contingent returns given here. a. Calculate the expected returns on the stock market and on Chicago Gear stock. b. What is Chicago Gear's beta? c. What is Chicago Gear's required return according to the CAPM?

Management science - CPM/PERT

PM Computers is an international manufacturer of computer equipment and software. It is going to introduce a number of new products in the coming year, and it wants to develop marketing programs to accompany the product introductions. The marketing program includes the preparation of printed materials distributed directly by t

CPM/PERT problem

The Center for Information Technology at State University has outgrown its office in Bates (B) Hall and is moving to Allen (A) Hall, which has more space. The move will take place during the 3-week break between the end of summer semester and the beginning of fall semester. Movers will be hired from the university's physical p

Finance: Capital Budgeting - Risk Analysis

(Sequential Decisions)  The Haugen Yacht Company (HYC), a prominent sailboat builder in Florida, may design a new 30-foot sailboat based on the â??wingedâ? keels first introduced on the 12-meter yachts that raced for the Americaâ??s Cup.     First, HYC would have to invest $10,000 at t=0 for the design and model tan

Flexible budgets and performance analysis

Palamino Jeep Tours operates jeep tours in the heart of the Colorado Rockies. The company bases its budgets on two measures of activity (i.e., cost drivers), namely guests and jeeps. One vehicle used in one tour on one day counts as a jeep. Each jeep has one tour guide. The company uses the following data in its budgeting:

Telemarketing: interaction of time and position, pairwise

See attached data file. A telemarketing firm has studied the effects of two factors on the response to its television advertisements. The first factor is the time of day at which the ad is run, while the second is the position of the ad within the hour. The data in Table attached, which were obtained by using a completely ran

Personal Finance

1. Based on the data, determine the amount of total assets, total liabilities, and net worth. Liquid assets, $3,670 Investment assets $8,340 Current liabilities $2,670 Household assets $89,890 Long-term liabilities $76,230 a. Total assets$___________ b. Total liabilities $________________ c. Net worth $_________________

Solve: Direct Labor Variances

XYZ Products uses a standard costing system to assist in the evaluation of operations. The company has had considerable employee difficulties in recent months, so much so that management had hired a new production supervisor. The new supervisor has been on the job for six months and has seemingly brought order to an otherwise c


True or False When we use separate-variance t-test for the difference between two independent population means U(1) AND u(2). We do not have to use a shared degree of freedom to find the value of t a/2.

Gantt Chart and Network Analysis

1. Construct a Gantt chart for the following set of activities and indicate the project completion time:....see attached 19. Given the following network and activity time estimates, determine the expected time and variance for each activity and indicate the critical path:....see attached

Multiple choice

66. Given the following data for Rene Company, compute (A) total manufacturing costs and (B) cost of goods manufactured: Direct materials used $120,000 Beginning work in process $20,000 Direct labor 100,000 Ending work in process 10,000 Manufacturing overhead 150,000 Beginning finished goods 25,000 Operating expens

Only the best answer

2. Which one of the following responsibility centers is most likely to be the responsibility of a sales manager? a. Cost Center b. Profit Center c. Revenue Center d. Investment CenterPlease see the attached file.

Multiple Choice Questions

1) If Larry gets a 70 on a physics test where the mean is 65 and the standard deviation is 5.8, where does he stand in relation to his classmates? (Points: 5) He is in the top 10%. He is in the top 20%. He is in the bottom 20%. He is in the bottom 10%. 2. Let's assume you have taken 100 samples of size 64 each from a

Accounting : Overhead and Vairable Overhead Efficiency

The following data are for the Portland division: ROI 24% Stockholder's equity $200,000 Net operating income $288,000 Turnover 2 Sales ? Sales were: a.) $750,000 b.) $2,000,000 c.) $3,846,154 d.) $2,400,000 The controller of whitewater hospital estimates the amount of overhead costs that should be all

Accounting : Materials, Labor and Overhead

Inman Corporation manufactures a single product. The standard cost per unit of product is as follows. Direct materials - 2 pounds of plastic at $5 per pound $10 Direct labor - 2 hours at $12 per hour 24 Variable manufacturing overhead 12 Fixed manufacturing overhead

Accounting : Performance Reports and Flexible Budget Approach

The St. Lucia Blood Bank, a private charity partly supported by government grants, is located on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. The Blood Bank has just finished its operations for September, which was a particularly busy month due to a powerful hurricane that hit neighboring islands causing many injuries. The hurricane large

Project Management : Logisitics and Networks

Solve Problems 13-12, 13-13, & 13-16 13-12 Sid Davidson is the personnel director of Babson and Willcount, a company that specializes in consulting and research. One of the training programs that Sid is considering for the middle-level managers of Babson and Willcount is leadership training. Sid has listed a number of ac

Accounting : Overheads and Overhead Variance

Delta Company's flexible budget formula for overhead costs is $100,000 per month fixed costs plus $26.00 per unit variable costs. Standard volume is 5,000 units a month. Actual overhead coasts for June were $280,000, and output was 6,000 units. Required: Determine for June a. Budgeted overhead at standard volume b. o

Cost accounting

These are varies cost accounting questions. Please help, I have no clue how these should be done. 1. A materials requisition slip showed that total materials requested were $42,500 with $1,500 of this amount consisting of indirect materials. What entry is made to record the transfer of materials from the storeroom? A) Work

Direct labor costs

Lion Company's direct labor costs for the month of January were as follow: Actual total direct labor hours 20,000 Standard total direct labor hours 21,000 Direct labor rate variance unfavorable $3,000 Total direct labor cost $126,000 What was Lion's direct labor efficiency variance?

Preparing a Flexiable Budget Performance Report

Please see attached file. Canyonland Boat Charter Services rents live aboard houseboats for cruising on the lake that traverses most of the Glen Canyon National recreation area in Southern Utah. The company bases its overhead cost budgets on the following data: Variable overhead costs: Cleaning $72.50 per charter Maint

Comprehensive Standard Cost Variances

Please see attached file. "It certainly is nice to see that small variance on the income statement after all the trouble we've had lately in controlling manufacturing costs," said Linda White, vice president of Molina Company. "The $12,250 overall manufacturing variance reported last period is well below 3% limit we have set

Variable Overhead Variances

Order Up, Inc., provides order fulfillment for merchants. The company maintains warehouses that stock items carried by its clients. When a client receives an order from a customer, the order is forwarded to Order Up, which pulls the item from storage, packs it, and ships it to the customer. The company uses a pre

Statistics discrete distributions and their properties.

Let four random variables X1, X2, X3, X4 have common mean m1=m2=m3=m4= 5 and common variance (sigma 1)^2= (sigma 2)^2= (sigma 3)^2= (sigma4)^2= 6 and common correlation coefficient p(sub ij)= .1, i does not equal j. Determine the mean and the variance of Y=X1 +X2 + X3 + X4

Wide Sense Stationary and Ergodic Processes

A random process has sample functions of the form X(t)=A where A is a Rayleigh distributed random variable with mean of 4. A) Is this process wide sense stationary? If so, why? B) Is this process ergodic? If so, why?

Criminal Procedure Variation

Please assist so that I can complete this assignment: ?Research your state's criminal procedures and choose a crime to review. (My state is Pennsylvania). ?Locate a state that has a variance in their procedures for the same crime. (Any State). Describe the similarities and differences between the proced