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Quantitative analysis:Networks, PERT, critical path.

The Center for Information Technology at State University has outgrown its office in Bates (B) Hall and is moving to Allen (A) Hall, which has more space. The move will take place during the 3-week break between the end of summer semester and the beginning of fall semester. Movers will be hired from the university's physical plant to move the furniture, boxes of books, and files that the faculty will pack. The center has hired a local retail computer firm to move its office computers so they won't be damaged. Following is a list of activities, their precedence relationships, and probabilistic time estimates for this project: (see attached for table)

Determine the earliest and latest start and finish times, the critical path, and the expected project duration. What is the probability that the center will complete its move before the start of the fall semester?

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The problem deals with issues in quantitative analysis: Critical path, probability, and slack.