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Materials price variance

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Expireall Corporation is in the finishing business. The following data took place during September:

Number of units produced 500 units
Material purchased 1,500 feet
material used in production 1,050
Cost per foot of material per purchase $5.00

The standard cost card indicates that 2.0 feet are used in the production of each unit. The standard cost of each material is $4.50 per foot.

Complete the following analysis of direct materials cost for the month of Sept.

Actual quantity of inputs at actual price ?????

Actual quantity of inputs at standard price ?????

Standard quantity allowed for output at standard price ?????

Redo the above analysis for direct material for the month of september using the following formulas:

Materials price variance = AQ (AP - SP) = ????

Materials quantity Variance = Sp (Aq - SQ) = ????

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The solution computes Materials price variance with given data.

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Actual quantity of inputs at actual price = 1050*5 = $5250

Actual quantity of ...

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