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    Correlation Formula Calculations

    1. Use this formula to calculate correlation coefficient for the following data: r= ss(xy)/square root (ss(x) * ss(y) X 2 4 3 4 0 Y 6 7 5 6 3 2. If a sample of size 18 has a linear correlation coefficient, r = -0.5, is there significant reason to conclude that the linear correlation coefficien

    Correlation Matrix - Interpretation

    100 customers were given a brief interview as they concluded a shopping trip at the Mall of Elbonia (MOE). Among the variables for which data were collected were Variable Description Clothing $ Total dollar amount the customer spent on clothing purchases during the visit Cosmet

    Correlation Hypothesis Test

    Given that two variables have a correlation coefficient of 0.70, use the formula for the t test for the Correlation Coefficient to determine if the correlation coefficient is significant. Assume a sample size of 17 and alpha =0.05. Show all steps.

    Correlation Related Events Make Sense Viewed by the Martian

    My favorite Martian landed in western NY recently and made conclusions based on correlations. Which of the following correlation related events make sense? Tell why or why mot. Include information about sign and conclusion. Example: The correlation coefficient between natural disaster and the number of doctors in the area

    Bivariate Relationships and Correlation Coefficients

    #Part 1 of Question Suppose a social psychologist collects the following data to include as variables from five subjects: their scores on a test measuring the extent to which they trust other people and the number of altruistic acts they performed in the last month. Subject Trust Scores Alt

    Significant correlation between women's age and women's weight

    Sample size, n: 40 Degrees of freedom: 38 Correlation Results: Correlation coeff, r: 0.5630033 Critical r: ±0.3120061 P-value (two-tailed): 0.00016 Reject the Null Hypothesis Sample provides evidence to support linear correlation Regression Results: Y= b0 + b1x: Y Intercept, b0: 89.71354 Slop

    correlation between self esteem and shyness

    A researcher finds a correlation between self esteem and shyness is -0.50, which is significant for his sample. Interpret this correlation. What does a correlation coefficient tell us? Why are correlation coefficients useful when assessing reliability? What are the 2 ways in which researchers assess the reliability of th

    Correlation between average income in states with foreign born immigrants

    For each of the fifty states if you look at the state average income and the percentage of people in that state who are foreign-born immigrants, you will see a positive correlation. Does this mean immigrants tend to earn more than other people? Or does it mean immigrants improve a state's economy? If not, what could explain t

    Diversified Portfolio, Correlation, Interest and Inflation

    1) A portfolio with a correlation of +1 is not a well-diversified portfolio. What must you do as an investor to structure a portfolio with negative correlation? 2) What macroeconomic variable do you believe has the greatest impact on interest rates? Inflation? Briefly explain. 3) Compare and contrast the Capital Asset Pri

    Pearson and Spearman correlations with opposite signs

    Give an example of two random variables (can be discrete or continuous) whose Spearman correlation is positive but whose Pearson correlation is negative. Similarly show two random variables whose Pearson correlation is positive but whose Spearman correlation is negative.

    One-half of the correlation table

    **See Attached Spreadsheet** This correlation table only shows one-half of the pair-wise comparisons between these five measures. For example, it shows that the correlation between the 10-year rates of growth in sales and cash flow is 0.793 but does not show the corresponding correlation between the 10-year rates of growth in c

    Significance Levels for baseball data; Spearman's Rank-Order correlation

    1. Refer to the baseball data for 2005 on 30 major league teams (see bottom of page). Use a Contingency Table to analyze the relationship between games won and salary. Set up a variable that divides the teams into two groups, those that had a winning season and those that did not. There are 162 games in the season, so define a w

    Significance of correlation: T Test..

    Correlation and Regression Use these parameters to guide me through the steps in solving this problem. Is there a correlation between the age/year of Car and the value? YEAR, YEARS OLD; VALUE (1000's) 1981, 30, 21 1986, 25, 21 1991, 20,

    Coefficient and relationships for Smith's Appliances advertising budget

    Smith's Appliances is evaluating its advertising budget. The owner is trying to decide if the budget needs to be altered or not. The question: Is there a positive return on the investment that is being made in advertising? What is the relationship between sales and the amount spent on advertising? The owner collected data for th

    Correlation coefficient & Margin of Error

    Calculate the correlation of the data set (3,2), (3,3), (6,4). A 95% confidence interval for the average miles per gallon for all cars of a ginven type is 32.1 plus/minus 1.8. The interval is based on a sample of 40 randomly selected cars. What units represent the margin of error? Suppose you want to decrease the margin of


    Would the correlation between x and y in the table above be positive or negative? - Find the missing value of y in the table. - How would the values of this table be interpreted in terms of linear regression? - If a 'line of best fit' is placed among these points plotted on a coordinate system, would the slope of

    SPSS Exercise: Correlation, Regression, Discriminant analysis

    See attached file. SPSS Exercise Questions If you know how to operate SPSS, the assignment is fairly simple. The instructions are long, because I have included the scenarios as well. All datasets will be automatically entered into the SPSS by access the link below. I just need the measures ran and a synopsis to show class

    Conclusion of linear correlation between education and income

    Describe the error in the stated conclusion. Given: There is a linear correlation between annual personal income and years of education. Conclusion: More education causes a person's income to rise. Choose the correct answer below. A. the error in the stated conclusion is that if there is no linear correlation, there

    Correlation between two variables: College GPA vs High School GPA

    See attached file. How to find the correlation between two variables and how strong the relationship is and describe the conclusions and reasoning. Find the linear regression equation and if the regression equation should be used for predictive purposes College GPA High School GPA 1.72 28 2.61 3.51 25 3.66 2.45 21 3.24

    Comparing Coefficients in Regression Analysis

    In multiple regression, the relative size of the coefficients is not important. For example, your company may have a nationwide hiring program that focuses on hiring employees who have graduated from college in the past 3 years, and let's say you want to know what attributes of those graduates has the biggest influence on sales

    Correlation Matrix: Interpret Data for JAX, DFW, & LAX Models

    See attached files. Provide a correlation matrix. Use the data to obtain the 'best' multiple regression model. Can you please provide a short write-up in Word that interprets your output discussing - which independent variables are most strongly related to price, - which are least strongly related to price,

    Provide explanations for each of the correlations

    Explanation A.) Regression and correlation are the most used and most abused tools in research. People are often quick to jump to the conclusion that if a relationship exists between two variables, one must cause the other. In reality, there are many reasons why two variables can be related without causality. Give a plausi