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Bivariate Relationships and Correlation Coefficients

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Suppose a social psychologist collects the following data to include as variables from five subjects: their scores on a test measuring the extent to which they trust other people and the number of altruistic acts they performed in the last month.

Subject Trust Scores Altruistic Acts(Y)=Dependent variable
1 70 5
2 85 8
3 92 12
4 64 3
5 79 7

Create a bivariate regression equation for the data listed above, show altruistic acts as the (Y)dependent variable.

For the data listed above, calculate the correlation coefficient, the coefficient of determination, and the coefficient of nondetermination. What conclusions can you make on the results of the data and the relationships between the variables?

Added Information
*The meaning of coefficient of determination is 1)The percent of the variation that can be explained by the regression equation 2)The explained variation divided by the total variation and 3)The square of r *The meaing of coefficient of nondetermination is 1)The percent of variation which is unexplained by the regression equation 2)The unexplained variation divided by the total variation 3)1-r square

Source: Statistics for social data analysis, 4th ed. Authors: knoke, D., Borhnstedt, G.W., Potter Mee, A. Chapter 6

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