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    Bivariate Data Using Correlation and Regression Analysis

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    1. Find the coefficient of determination, given that the value of the linear correlation coefficient, r, is 0.803. Round to the nearest three decimal places.

    2. A quadratic regression model is fit to a set of sample data consisting of 6 pairs of data. Given that the sum of squares of residuals is 18.17 and that the y-values are 11, 14, 19, 22, 26, 27, find

    Use three decimal places.

    3. Calculate the linear correlation coefficient for the given data. Round to the nearest three decimal places.

    x 57 53 59 61 53 56 60
    y 156 164 163 177 159 175 151

    4. Four pairs of data yield r = 0.942 and the regression equation =3x.
    Also, =12.75. What is the best predicted value of y for x =2.6?

    5. Eight pairs of data with x values between 2 and 24 yield the regression equation
    Using the equation, what is the best predicted value of y for x = 6.7. Round to one decimal place.

    See attached file for full problem description.

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