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    Correlation Graph Builder

    Having difficulty trying to figure out how to create a graph using correlation data. The data that is given is brief. The title of the article is High correlation between parental health insurance coverage and the health insurance coverage of their children. Author Brett O'Hara (2004). The article is as follows: Medical o

    How to explain correlation coefficient between Excessive weight and breast cancer?

    Recent medical research demonstrated there is a strong (r=.60) correlation between the excessive weight and incidences of breast cancer. How can we interpret this statement? Can we say that excessive weight is the leading cause of breast cancer? How confident can we be about the strength of the relation between these two variabl

    Study problem designed to help you visualize correlations

    Describe the following correlation. The students with the highest grades in written French were also the students with the highest grade in spoken French. The students in the class with the lowest grades in written French also had the lowest grades in spoken French. Is this: a) a curvilinear correlation b) no correlation c

    Variable Correlation and Regression

    Discuss an example from every day life, your professional experience, personal life or sports where two variables are positively correlated and why; discuss a second example where two variables are negatively correlated and why. Address which variable is dependent and which one is independent for each example and how one ca

    Correlation between audience impressions and album sale

    The table below lists the number of audience impressions (in hundreds of millions) listening to songs and the corresponding numbers of albums sold (in hundreds of thousands). The number of audience impressions is a count of the number of times people have heard the song. The table is based on data from USA Today. Does it appear

    Correlation and Correlation Coeifficent

    Article: Estimating premorbid IQ from the demographic variables: A comparison of a regression equation vs clinical judgement, Crawford et al. 1. What is the correlation between IQ from regression equation and obtained IQ? 2, What is the correlation between IQ estimated by rater 4 and obtained IQ, and how do these compare?

    Linear Relationships in Data

    1. Assume that a sample of n pairs of data results in the given value of r. For alpha equal .05, determine if there is a significant linear relationship between x and y. Let n= 22, r = 0.087 (yes or no) 2. Assume that a sample of n pairs of data results in the given value of r. For alpha equal .05 determine if there is a si

    Confusion Between Correlation and Causation

    One of the most common errors in health-related studies is the confusion between correlation and causation. Why is the above statement true? Can you give me an example to help me understand this?

    Does Walking Cause Weight Loss?

    A study of employees at a large company found a negative correlation between weight and distance walked on an average day. In other words, people who walked more weighed less. Would you conclude that walking causes lower weight? Can you think of alternate explanations for the findings? Elaborate!

    PiggyBank, correlation between retail online sales and total retail sales

    The product development team at PiggyBank is wondering if there is a correlation between retail online sales and total retail sales. Use the Discussion Board to work with the peer/mentor group to calculate the correlation between online and total retail sales, and interpret the results. If your peers are struggling with the calc

    Linear Correlation Coefficient Calculation

    Calculate the linear correlation coefficient for the given data. Round to the nearest three decimal places: x 57 53 59 61 53 56 60 y 156 164 163 177 159 175 151 See attached file for better table representation.

    Does a Positive R Indicate Positive Linear Correlation?

    Suppose that, for a sample of pairs of observations from two variables, the linear correlation coefficient, r, is positive. Does this result necessarily imply that the variables are positively linearly correlated? Explain

    NYSE vs. NASDAQ Student t test and rank correlation

    (See attached file for full problem description) --- Be sure to answer all the following questions for each Problem. (a) Write the claim mathematically and identify H0 and H1: (b) Find the critical values (CVs) and identify the rejection regions: (c) Find the test statistic (TS): (d) Decide whether to reject or f

    Joint probability distribution for uncertain quantities + covar and correlation

    Absolutely lost on how to determine what is being asked in below problem. Consider the following joint probability distribution for uncertain quantities X and Y: P(X=-2 and Y = 2) = 0.2 P(X=-1 and Y = 1 = 0.2 P(X= 0 and Y = 0 = 0.2 P(X= 1 and Y = 1 = 0.2 P(X= 2 and Y = 2) = 0.2 1. Need to calculate the covariance a

    Interpretation of correlation between weight of body and walking time.

    A study of employees at a large company found a negative correlation between weight and distance walked on the average day. In other words people who walked more weighed less. Would you conclude that walking causes lower weight? Can you think of an alternate explanation for the finding?

    Appropriate conclusion from this survey

    A recent survey of frozen convenience meals found a correlation of r=0.768 between calories and fat content in the sampled meals. Which of the following is the most appropriate conclusion from this survey about the relationship between calories and fat content? a. Higher fat content in the sampled meals resulted in a higher

    studying for an exams statistics

    An instructor asked five students how many hours they had studied for an exam. (For part f, assume that hours studied is the predictor variable.) Here are the number of hours studied and the students' grades: Hours Studied Test Grade 0 52 10 95 6 83 8 71 6 64 Do the following to solve the problem: (a) Make a scatter

    Correlation coefficient and scatter plot

    3) Display the data in scatter plot. Calculate the linear correlation coefficient. Use the scatterplot to make a conclusion about the type of correlation. x: 0 1 2 3 4 y: 0.5 3 2 4 3.5 find the correlation coefficient. Choose the statement suggested by the scatter plot and the correlation coef

    Correlation analysis and coefficient

    Identify a situation in your work environment (or in your life) where you could apply correlation analysis. You do not need to perform all the calculations (unless you really, really want to). However, you should describe the situation "background," identify the dependent and independent variables, and explain the importance o

    Correlation Example in Business

    Describe a business-related situation in which you would expect there to be a strong relationship (correlation) between an independent and dependent variable. Define each variable, state whether it is the independent (X) or dependent (Y) variable, and provide a table of mock data (or some actual data if available) for 10 observa

    Statistics: Short Questions and Answrs

    What is the difference between strong negative and strong positive correlation? What does zero correlation tell you? Can you share a relationship between two variables that is typically negative? Would you make a guess at how strong that relationship might be and assign a numeric value?

    Differentiate between correlation and causation

    Share the practical applications of the study from the Unit 2 Individual Project. 1. How would the results of this survey be used in the workplace? 2. Briefly describe correlational research. 3. Name a variable from this study and one from the workplace that might prove to provide a correlational relationship and explain

    Description of Correlation

    Please help answer the following questions. What is correlation analysis? How can correlation analysis be used in a business decision or examples specifically related to strategy formulation and implementation? How can correlation analysis be misused to explain a cause and effect relationship?

    Derive formula of rank correlation

    1. Prove that 2. Using a familiar formula for the sum of the squares of those integers, prove that an expression for for the first n positive integers is 3. If X and Y denote the ranks of an individual with respect to two properties for a group of n individuals, derive the formula for the correlation of the two ran