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    Correlation analysis and coefficient

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    Identify a situation in your work environment (or in your life) where you could apply correlation analysis. You do not need to perform all the calculations (unless you really, really want to). However, you should describe the situation "background," identify the dependent and independent variables, and explain the importance of the relationship between these particular variables. Also, you should give some indication of the kind of data you will need to collect in order to perform the analysis. If the correlation coefficient for your particular scenario turned out to be -0.75, what would this tell you about the relationship between your dependent and independent variables?

    How much of the variation in the dependent variable would be explained by the independent variable in this situation?

    Use job satisfaction and employee turnover as the variables for this problem.

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    Correlation analysis is the statistical tool that we can use to describe the degree to which one variable is linearly related to another. Frequently, correlation analysis is used in conjunction with regression analysis to measure how well the least squares line fits the data . Correlation analysis can also be used by itself, however, to measure the degree of association between two ...

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    Identifies a situation in a work environment (or in life) where you could apply correlation analysis