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Correlation Matrix

100 customers were given a brief interview as they concluded a shopping trip at the Mall of Elbonia (MOE). Among the variables for which data were collected were

Variable Description
Clothing $ Total dollar amount the customer spent on clothing purchases during the visit
Cosmetics $ Total dollar amount the customer spent on cosmetics purchases during the visit
Food $ Total dollar amount the customer spent on food purchases during the visit
Time in Mall Total number of minutes the customer spent in the mall during the visit

The following correlation matrix shows the correlations among these variables.

Clothing $ Cosmetics $ Food $ Time in Mall
Clothing $ 1
Cosmetics $ 0.37 1
Food $ -0.55 0.15 1
Time in Mall 0.51 0.35 0.44 1

a) Which is the strongest correlation between two variables?

b) What does the negative correlation between Food $ and Clothing $ mean?


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a) The strongest correlation is among Food and Clothing.
b) The negative ...