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    Chi-Squared Test

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    Stat 2 multiple regression chi square

    (Using  = 0.01, the appropriate decision for the treatment effects is ________ For a one-way ANOVA, the Between Sum of Squares (SSB) is ________ Using  = 0.05, the appropriate decision is _____________. 4. Suppose the mean squares for treatment in a one-way ANOVA are 24.4 and the mean squares for error a

    Chi-Squared Test for Independence

    Saint Botulism's Hospital commissioned an independent study to determine if there was a difference between the quality of care provided by hospital-trained nurses and tertiary-trained nurses. Two hundred nurses were rated as either providing Superior Service (S) or Adequate Service (A). The results are attached.

    Past exam paper

    I have a very congested exam timetable and have limited time to revise as i have 4 in a row. if anyone could give me the solutions and workings to the attatched exam paper i would be very greatful.

    Solve : Show Work

    1. Compute a chi-square test for goodness of fit for each of the following, using the .05 level for each. In each problem, the expected distribution is equal frequencies in each category. (a) 5 10 5 (b) 10 15 10 (c) 10 20 10 (d) 5 15 5

    Chi squared calculations

    Hello, I handed in this problem to my professor and he commented that it is correct except for the chi squared calculations. I have rechecked 4 times and I get the same answer. Do you know what I did wrong?

    Chi Square Problem

    In a congressional district in Los Angeles a random sample of voters were asked which of the 3 candidates they voted for. The results were as follows: Candidates White Black Mexican-American Row Totals Blanca 2 4 19 25 Whyte 3 28 4 35 Weiss 25 13 2 40 Column Totals 30 45 25 100 = sample size n Do the data present

    Chi square test for independence of variables

    A production process uses five machines during each of two work shifts. The frequencies with which these machines need to be repaired are as follows: Machine Shift 1 2 3 4 5 1 12 6 12 14 6 2 23 4 9 16 5 Are the machine breakdowns independent of shift?

    Test of hypothesis for difference between proportions, Chi square test

    1 ) The college newspaper of a large midwestern university periodically conducts a survey of students on campus to determine the attitude on campus concerning issues of interest. Pictures of the studens interviewed by a reporter roaming the campus who selects students to interview haphazardly. On a particular day the reporter

    Chi Square Analysis on the Results

    This is a study I undertook on medical record keeping, and we compared 2 groups of doctors. We found differences in the gap of entry in the medical records. The first half had 5 doctors and the second half had also 5 doctors. There was an improvement in record keeping in the second half. Attached is a document with details on Ta

    Chi-Square test

    Hi I am having problem understanding the result of my Chi-Square test. I need to determine using the Chi-Square test whether there is statistics Significance difference between the groups and what the result means.

    Hypothesis Testing using Chi Square Test

    One hundred people selected at random from various levels of management were interviewed regarding their concern about environmental issues. The response of each person was tallied into one of three categories: no concern, some concern, and great concern. The results were as follows: Level of Concern

    Chi Square Test for Hypothesis Testing

    1) In a survey, 650 randomly selected automobile owners were asked to state the main reason that they bought their current automobile. Results of the survey are shown below. Fuel Economy Price Comfort Total Male 200 75 55 330 Female 150 100 70 320 Total 350 175 125 650 At a 0.

    Excercise 54

    The chief of security for the Mall of the Dakotas was directed to study the problem of missing goods. He selected a sample of 100 boxes that had been tampered with and ascertained that for 60 of the boxes, the missing pants, shoes, and so on were attributed to shoplifting. For 30 other boxes employees had stolen the goods, and f

    Statistics Problems

    Use a chi-square test to determine whether there is a relationship. (i) State the hypotheses (ii) Calculate the expected values (iii) Calculate the chi-square statistic (iv) State the degrees of freedom (v) Find the p-value (vi) State the conclusion See attached file for full problem description.

    Chi-squared test of independence

    I would be grateful if someone could explain to me how to use the chi-squared test to determine whether two sets of random variables generated using the random function on a computer are independent. In other words, could you generate two sets of random numbers (of length, say, 50) and set out the calculations in detail to de


    A survey concerning national health care was conducted by a nonprofit thinktank. Based on the data in the attached Table, determine whether there are regional preferences for type of health care. What are the managerial implications of your findings?

    Chi-Square Test: Phone Service Providers

    In a survey about satisfaction with local phone service, those respondents who rated their current service as excellent and those who rated it Poor-Very Poor were asked to classify their current local service provider. The results are given in the table below: Type of Company Current Service Source........Long Distance....

    Analysis of qualitative data:Chi Square test

    A large banking corporation believes that 80% of the loan applications it receives are approved within 24 hours. It decides to take a random sample of 10 loan applications every day for 3 months and record the number of the applications that are approved within 24 hours. The following data are obtained: Number o

    Assistance with Chi square

    I need assistance developing a statistical method to interpret the data in the chart.My thesis topic is Can affirmative action protects the rights of minorities and females in employment. I am using an affirmative action plan to compare the relationship between female as minorites vs. non minorities. The availability estimate is

    Analysis of qualitative data

    A). Based on the data, do you think that the respondents are uniformly distributed over the age categories? b). Set up the hypotheses to test whether the data are uniformly distributed over the age categories. c). Find the expected frequency distribution and perform the chi-square goodness of fit test. d). At the 0.


    A chi-square test statistic was calculated to be 18, based on a sample variance of 20 and a hypothesized population variance of 40. How many observations were made when the sample was extracted? Which one? a. 9 b. 10 c. 36 d. 37

    Inferences: One population

    A portion of the data file for the hospital that collected the data on hand washing is shown below: Observation Unit Time 1 Time 2 1 CCU 3 16 2 CCU 2 7 3 CCU 0 5 4 CCU 5 8 5 CCU 2 15 6 CCU 0 15 7 CCU 2 20 8 CCU 3 16 9 CCU 0 18 10 IMCU 1 16 11

    Chi-Square Assumption

    Which is not an assumption of the chi-square goodness-of-fit test? a. the data obtained by a random sample. b. the expected frequency for each category must be at least five. c. the expected frequency for each category must be at least three. d. All are assumptions of the test

    Multiple Choice Questions on Chi Square Tests

    1) True or False. The expected frequencies when used in a goodness of fit test are the number of observations that should fall into each class in a frequency distribution under the hypothesized probability distribution. 2) True or False. The chi-square test should not be used if the expected frequency in any cell exceeds 30.

    Chi square test and hypothesis testing

    A study regarding the relationship between age and the amount of pressure sales personnel feel in relation to their jobs revealed the following sample information. At the .01 significance level, is there a relationship between job pressure and age? See attachment

    Chi square test of independence, Confidence Interval

    Problem 23: In one part of a test developed by a psychologist, the test subject is asked to form a word by unscrambling the letters "ciiatttsss". Given below are times (in seconds) required by 15 randomly selected persons to unscramble the letters. Construct a 95% confidence interval for standard deviation. Assume the population