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Central Tendency

Moving Average

I am trying to understand the following question: If the overall trend of the dependent variable is decreasing, will a k-period moving average be greater than a moving average obtained with k minus 1 periods? If so, why? I cannot seem to grasp this concept and I am looking for some clarification.

An urn has m black balls

#14. An urn has m black balls. At each stage a black ball is removed and a new ball, that is black with probability p and white with probability 1 - p, is put in its place. Find the expected number of stages needed until there are no more black balls in the urn. (Question is also included in attachment)

Perform a decision tree analysis of assisting Michael and Brittany's decision dilemma using expected value, and indicate the appropriate decision with these criteria. All calculation details are included as well as a detailed explanation of the result.

The Blackduck Players The Blackduck Players is a major league baseball expansion team beginning its third year of operation. The Players had losing records in each of its first two years and finished near the bottom of its division. However, the team was young and generally competitive. The team's general manager, Donava

Rolling Average

For the enclosed, I need help figuring out the following: What were the sales in 1988? What will the sales be in 1993? How much do the sales change per year from 1984 to 1992? What's the 3 year moving average for 1984?

Moving Average

How many time series are there? What is the value of t? What is the time period used by the data? What is the independent variable? What is the 3 year moving average for crop yield?

Expected Monetary Value

The Thomas manufacturing company has $100,000 available to invest Doctor Thomas the president and CEO of the company, would like to choose one of the following three alternatives: 1. Expand her production 2. Invest the money in stocks 3. Purchase a certificate of deposit from the bank. the unknown is whether the economy will

Optimal Policy Problem

My professor gave us the solution to one of our homework problems, and I don't understand. The attached file contains his solution, and my questions in red. Can you please help me to understand? A vendor sells sweatshirts at football games. They are equally likely (0.5,0.5) to sell 200 or 400 sweatshirts per game. Each or

Expected value

Given a random variable X with the following PDF: X -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 pi 1/8 1/8 1/8 1/4 1/8 1/8 1/8 Find expected value E(X) and variance D(X)


Use the table above to determine P(X is greater than or equal to 2). Determine the expected value of X. PROBLEM 2 Two fair dice are tossed. You bet $5 that you will roll "an even sum". If you roll "an even sum" you win $10. Otherwise you lose the $5 bet. What is the expected return on this game? PROBLEM 3

Sources of Variation

Average time it takes to process applications Office 1 Office 2 Office 3 Employee 1 15 11 17 Employee 2 17 21 15 Employee 3 14 12 17 Employee 4 16 27 16 Excel Output - Anova: Single Factor SUMMARY Groups Count Sum Average Variance Column 1 4 62 15.5 1.666667 Column 2 4 71 17.75 58.2

Expected value

Calculate the e-time that an arriving pedestrian must wait until crossing. See attachment.

Accounting: Investment Advice and Taxes

Bernie and Pam Britten are a young married couple beginning careers and establishing a household. They will each make about $50,000 next year and will have accumulated about $40,000 to invest. They now rent an apartment but are considering purchasing a condominium for $100,000. If they do, a down payment of $10,000 will be requi