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Gantt Chart for Task Time Estimation

Chapter Three - A. Task time estimates for a production line setup project are as follows:
Activity Time (in hours) Immediate predecessors
A 6.0 --
B 7.2 --
C 5.0 A
D 6.0 B,C
E 4.5 B,C
F 7.7 D
G 4.0 E,F
a.) Draw the project network using AON.
b.) Identify the critical path.
c.) What is the expected time until completion?
d.) Draw a Gantt chart for the project.

Chapter Four - A. This table shows the number of traffic violations issued in the city of Arlington over the last eleven years:
Year Nr
2003 909
2004 1122
2005 938
2006 1100
2007 1183
On the basis of this data, project how many traffic violations will be issued in 2008 using":
1.) A three-year moving average
2.) A five-year moving average
3.) A two-year moving average where the most recent year is weighted twice as heavily as the preceding year
4.) Exponential smoothing with the starting forecast equal to 1000 for the year 2004. (Use Alpha = 0.4 and use the method without trend included)

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