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Statistical analysis of the article

Please help so I can complete this assignment:

The project consists of providing a summary of an article which used a statistics table or graph. Here is the article :

What type of variables are being measured? dependent or independent?
Is the study a correlation type? Predictors or criteria?
In what scale are the variables in? nominal, ordinal, gap, reason?
What type of statistics chart or graph was used and what type of study it is? If it was a table what type it is?
What type of study was performed? did it have a central tendency to dispersion to measure?
If it has correlation mention if it direct or inverse. And finally how did statistics help out to perform this study.

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The response address the queries posted in 9947 words with references.

//Before writing about the type of study and scale of measurement, it is essential to know about the 'Variables of the Research'. One should know about the key variables of the study, which further will assist in analyzing the type of study in an effective manner.//

1. Variables used: Independent variables including Age, Gender and party affiliation are being measured in this article. The dependent variable in this article is voting trend. The dependent variables are those that are observed to change in response to the independent variables. The independent variables are those that are intentionally manipulated to bring a change in the dependent variables. (Tricia Dailey: The Effects of Political and Demographic Variables on Christian Coalition Scores, 2008).

//Above is the discussion of variables of the study and scale of measurement. Moving to ...

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The solution provides a statistical analysis of the given article. It considers what types of variables are being measures. The response is presented in 447 words, and in APA format.