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    Sociology of Gender and Sexuality

    Legal Issue Analysis

    Legal Issue Analysis a 700 to 1,050-word written legal issue analysis of a newspaper or magazine article that discusses a legal aspect of a specific diversity issue, such as harassment, ADA, and so forth. Summarize the diversity issue, analyze the legal concerns, and present your thoughts and beliefs regarding the issue. In p

    Women's Status in the Country of Panama

    What is the social, economic, and political status of women in Panama. I need assistance producing ideas for two paragraphs pertaining to their present social, economic, and political status in that nation.

    Gender Issues & Problems in Government and Politics

    1.Gender Issues Identify the attitude, values, and ideologies that tend to perpetuate gender inequality? 2.Problems in Government and Politics What social structural factors contribute to the problems of government and politics? In what ways do these problems affect Americans' quality of life? What are some of the

    Gender Issues

    Identify the attitude, values, and ideologies that tend to perpetuate gender inequality.

    Media Reaction (Sexual Harassment) - "North Country"

    Media Reaction Response: Please help me so that I can write a response reviewing the motion picture "North Country" that discusses or illustrates the portrayal of sexual harassment in the media. In this response, address the following questions in relation to the selected motion picture. a. Did the motion picture attem

    Sociology question

    Congratulations, the President of the United States has just appointed you the Drug Czar of America. Explain your plan to stop the drug problem in America. Indicate the how politicians, courts, police and the public will react to your plan and tell how you will address their concerns.

    Gender Messages in the Mass Media

    Changing Images of Women in the Mass Media as background information. Analyze how images on television, the movies, and in video games reinforce society's expectations of gender using the three major sociological perspectives. Research how the media also changes these stereotypes. Consider the messages the television programs

    Sociology as a discipline

    Briefly describe the four factors which contributed to the emergence of sociology as a discipline in the nineteenth century.

    Hate Crimes - Foundational Aspects of Social Interaction

    In many cities throughout the United States, the prevalence of hate crimes has increased. You have been asked to provide your insight into this and recommed ways to decrease the occurrence of these types of crimes. I have to research the topic of hate crimes and address the following: 1. Create a profile of the typical indi