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Unipolar Depression

Model of Abnormality

Assess and discuss the validity of the Model of Abnormality that is consistent with your thinking as to the etiology of depression. Support your ideas with information from the text and reliable websites.

The origins of depression are overviewed.

This job examines how depression is often referred to as being endogenous (biological) or reactive (psychological) in origin. It also discusses treatments for depression and how they take biological forms (anti-depressant medication or electroconvulsive therapy) or psychological forms (various types of psychotherapy). The job o

Diagnosis and Treatment - Depression

Depression Describe the disorder and detailing the current trends in diagnosis and treatment for the disorder you have chosen. ? Format the summary in accordance with APA guidelines.

Clinical Depression

List and explain three medical conditions that result in increased mortality with clinical depression. What is the physiological explanation in terms of platelets and neurotransmitters?

Dysthymia: Signs, symptoms and treatment

Is Dysthymia a form of depression or is it a disorder in its own class? How do the signs and symptoms of dysthymia differ from those of a Major Depression? What is the treatment for Dysthymia and does it differ from that of Major Depression?