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Gender and depression

What socio-cultural and biological factors contribute to the difference in rates of depression between men and women?

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Beginning in adolescence and continuing throughout the entire life span, women are more likely than men to be diagnosed with depression. Studies have shown that the prevalence of depression among women is between one and a half and three times more than the prevalence among men.

Some contemporary theories attribute the difference in rates of depression between men and women to social causes, specifically that women may have a greater sensitivity to stressful life events and traumas. According to the Vulnerability-Stress Model, women's social role makes them more susceptible to depression. This Model posits that ...

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This suggests "that the rate of depression is equal among men and women but that women express and report more symptoms, seek help more frequently, and are subject to sex biases in diagnosis, thereby providing a false elevation in the measurement of the rate of depression in women."