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    Substance-Related Disorders

    Addictive disorder

    In any addictive disorder like alcoholism and eating disorders, you never really get the full story from the patient alone. Any Opinions?

    substance dependence disorder

    Question: What is addiction? How do you know when someone has an substance abuse or substance dependence disorder? What is the difference among use, abuse, and dependence?

    Article review on attitudes toward addiction and recovery in New Jersey

    Article review on attitudes toward addiction and recovery in New Jersey 1) Define the problem outlined in the article. 2) Describe the issues related to the problem addressed by the article. 3) Consider the implications of the article to employees, employers and society. a) What are the ramifications if

    Substance Abuse

    Outlined the various aspects of the theoretical viewpoints on substance abuse, on pp. 300-304 in the text, with which you agree: sociocultural, psychodynamic, behavioral/cognitive, or biological. Rationale was provided.

    Binge Drinking

    I need help with the following questions: a. Where is binge drinking most prominent? b. Who is at risk for binge drinking? Provide references please. Thank you.

    Influences on Addiction and Dependence

    Define drug abuse, addiction and dependence. What character traits are most associated with these terms? What role does our cultural and societal structures play in perpetuating drug abuse? If you had the power and opportunity to help solve these problems, what solutions or programs would you develop? In answering this mus

    Drug Addiction

    1. Explain the physiological addiction process? 2. Which psychological theory most clearly explains addiction? (minimum 300 words) I need help with these questions. I need as much information as possible to get me started. Thank you.

    Drug Profile Chart

    Address the four categories of depressants, stimulants, narcotics, and hallucinogens. For each category, identify specific substances within it, street names, methods of administration, addiction potential, paraphernalia, what effects you might observe in the workplace with a user of this substance, withdrawal symptoms, and tre

    Social and Psychological aspects of Drug Abuse

    Explain, in your own words, how sociology and psychology influence drug abuse. Then describe the relationship between these two explanations of drug abuse and crime. Support your paper with examples found from the Internet

    Substance Abuse

    What is the differences between the classifications: substance abuse, dependence and tolerance? What type of behaviors are associated with each? Explain the factors determining addiction or dependence. Provide DSM classification for substance abuse disorder.

    The Effects of Moderate Drinking

    What is a person's risk of developing alcoholic medical diseases if they drink moderate amounts daily? Discuss why doctor's recommend 1-2 glasses of wine a day as having health benefits if there are health risks associated with moderate drinking of alcohol. Thank you.

    The Effects of Moderate Levels of Alcohol Consumption

    If someone were to ask you "what is a safe level of drinking," what would be a correct response? Are there risks and benefits associated with moderate levels of drinking? Explain your reasons for your response. I would appreciate your input and an article on the effects of moderate drinking if possible. I need to use 10 source