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Language and Cognition

What is the relationship between language and thought?

Please provide the following: What is the relationship between language and thought? What information did you find about the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis? About linguistic determination and linguistic relativity?How many words for snow do Eskimos have?( Please tell what are they). Why is that and how does that show the r

Language Acquisition

Is there any research comparing first language acquisition to learning a second language (or third, or fourth...)? Are the cognitive and neurological processes the same regardless the number of languages learned? Or how do they differ?

The Language Acquisition Device (LAD)

The Language Acquisition Device (LAD) is a theorized concept of the organic brain to (in part or whole) function as a congenital device for learning and processing symbolic language In your readings, did you find information about the LAD theory of language acquisition by Chomsky? How does this theory describe the process of

Which factor is most important in language acquisition?

There is an interesting - but terribly sad - case of a girl named Genie, who had no exposure to language for the first 10 years of her life. There is a documentary about her story and the attempts at her rehabilitation when she was found, including language development. There is a lot of information written about her case tha

Learning and Cognition

Analyze the modern-day relevancy of the models, such as in media advertisements or education in respect to B. F. Skinner and Ivan Pavlov. Ensure to cite and reference everything please.

Language Diversity

Describe three specific issues involving linguistic diversity in early childhood education.

Processing language

What factors impact language acquisition? Which factor do you believe has the largest impact on language acquisition? Why?

Language Development

How are oral language competencies related to acquisition literacy? Give examples to support the answer.

Learning and cognition: Piaget's theory of development.

I need help in creating a chart describing the stages of Jean Piaget's theory of cognitive development. Please provide a description/definition for each stage and such as an example for each stage identifying a task that a child could perform. Can you also provide references.

Language and Lexicon - Cognitive Psychology

I am writing a paper on for psychology on language and lexicon. I need to also write an introduction and references Define language and lexicon Evaluate the key features of language Describe the four levels of language structure and processing Analyze the role of language processing in cognitive psychology

What factors affect language acquisition?

I need help in answering these questions 1. What factors affect language acquisition? Which factor do you believe has the largest influence on language acquisition? Explain why. 2. How does language affect thought?

Define cognition

Define cognition, examining simple, complex, and natural concepts.

Relationship Between Learning and Cognition

a. What is the definition of learning? What role does behavior play in learning? b. What are two different types of learning? Be sure to describe each one in your response. c. What is the relationship between learning and cognition? Provide a specific example.

Learning and Cognition, Nature & Nurture Theory

In learning and cognition, one of the major areas of discussion is the impact of nature and nurture. What is the concept of nature-nurture, and why is it important in the study of learning and cognition?

Language Acquistion

What factors affect language acquisition? Which factor do you believe has the largest influence on language acquisition? Explain why.

Language development

Language development is one of the many cognitive milestones that infants experience. Even though their language capacities are not fully developed, research supports the hypothesis that children's experiences in the earliest years influence language. Children reared in poverty use shorter and less complex sentences than peers

Acquisition of Language

Is the acquisition of language affected by "behavior through social learning" as defined below? How so? Would you define culture as our environment in the nature vs nurture debate? How so? It depends somewhat from which perspective ones comes, but by most definitions and theory, culture is part of our environment (n

Nature/nurture and language

Are we to assume that the acquisition of language can not be complete without both the genetics and the environment? If so, if one part is missing, can we acquire language in some form? How so?