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Development of toddlers

Summarize the stage of development for 12-18month age group in the areas of language, physical and social development.

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At approximately age 12 months, the average baby speaks one or two words, not clearly pronounced usually or not used precisely. Vocabulary increases gradually, usually a few words per month. By 18 months, the average baby speaks about 50 words and comprehends many more. Most of these words are names of specific people and objects in the child's daily world, although some "action" words are also included.

Initially infants apply the words they know to various contexts. This characteristic , known as overextension, may help explain why one child may call anything round "ball" and another child will call anything with four legs "doggie". Once vocabulary begins to increase, toddlers generally tend to experiment with words. For example an 18 month old may walk down the street pointing to various animals and ask "doggie?"or "horsie?" or "kitty?" perhaps to confirm their hypotheses about which words go with specific animals. As children learn their first words, they generally are very able to express intention. Even one word said in certain tones can express a complete thought. For example, when a toddler pushes at a closed ...

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The following is a summary of the social, language and physical development for toddlers ages 12-18 months old.