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    Providing Opportunities for Development in Infants and Toddlers

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    After navigating the Zero to Three website, write a response to the following:

    Parents and caregivers can provide opportunities for development in infants and toddlers. Describe how these opportunities relate to the child's environment. Make three suggestions for impacting a child's environment and promoting development. Make two references to the Zero to Three website within your response by using in-text citations.

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    I assume the professor is referring to emotional development here.

    The environment for young children involves not only a physical setting but the way in which parents or caregivers interact with the child. On the website, they cite one example of an eight-month-old baby who wants to feed herself. Some parents may grow frustrated and take the spoon away from the child. However, developing independence is a lifelong skill which begins in infancy. On the website, the mother finds a novel way of handling this: as her daughter attempts to feed herself, she too takes a spoon out and feeds her as ...

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    The expert provides the opportunities for development in infants and toddlers.