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American Constitution

U.S. Constitutional Law Question

Due to the current interest in Gay Marriage in California and other states...I wondered if anyone knew if there was an Article or Section of the United States Constitution that could be seen as directly related to this issue? Just curious!

American Politics During the Eve of the Civil War

What was the political landscape of America on the eve of the Civil War? Many scholars point out that the Civil War was in many ways the product of the breakdown in the American political system that had effectively contained the divisive issue of slavery until the dissolution of the Whig Party on the eve of the Civil War. T

American Government

Answer completely but briefly the following four questions: 1. Discuss the establishment clause and the free exercise clause and include any court cases dealing with these clauses 2. Civil liberties are at the heart of political culture in the U.S. Define civil liberties, and give six example of them. What are two controv