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    Magnitude of the Impulse

    A bullet, of mass 20g, traveling at 350 m/s, strikes a steel plate at an angle of 30degrees with the plane of the plate. it ricochets off at the same angle, at a speed of of 320 m/s. What is the magnitude of the impulse that the wall gives to the bullet? a. 300 Ns b. 0.3 Ns c. 0.52 Ns d. 6.7 Ns.

    Working with two springs placed in series.

    a 3-lb block can slide without friction in a slot and is connected to two springs of constant k_1=80 lb/ft and k_2=6 lb/ft. The springs are initially unstreatched when the block is pulled 2 in. to the right and released.Determine (a) the maximum velocity of the block, (b)the velocity of the block when it is 0.8 in. from its init

    Working with a block-pulley system

    Please see the attached file for full problem description. Please use work concepts for solution. The solution should involve integration from 2 to 0 distance block travel. Please detail any calculus involved - if the response doesn't involve calculus, I would still like to see it, but please explain why since I am fairl


    1. During a violent thunderstorm, hail of diameter 1.0 cm falls directly downward at speed of 25m/s. There are estimated to be 120 hailstones per cubic meter of air. (a) what is the mass of each hailstone ( density = 0.92 g/cm^3) ? (b) Assuming that the hail does not bounce fine the magnitude of the average force on a flat roof

    Newton's word problem

    Jane, whose mass is 50.0kg, needs to swing accross a river(having width of D) filled with man-eating crocodiles to save Taezan from danger. She must swing into a wind exerting a constant horizontal force F on a vine having a length L and initially making an angle (theta) with the vertical. Taking D=50.0m F=110 N L=40.0m and

    Tension of a spring with two masses on it.

    There are two masses hanging down off the sides of a table connected with a spring between them. Describe what will happen and what value the spring scale S will read (a spring scale will read the tension in the wire.) in fig.1 below if m 1 = m 2 = 1 kg and if m 1 = 1.2 kg, m 2 = 1 kg. For the second case show your work and

    Vectors and velocity: Landing speed for stone thrown from edge of a cliff

    See attached file for a drawing. A student stands at the edge of a cliff and throws a stone horizontally over the edge with a speed of v(0) = 17.4 m/s. The cliff is h = 42.4 m above a flat horizontal beach. With what speed does it land? I don't understand how the stone could land with anything but the speed of gravity. Can

    A system of point charges

    See attached file for graph. Four charges are placed at the corners of a square, where q is positive. Initially there is no charge in the center of the square. 1) Find the work, W required to bring the charge Qf from infinity and place it at the center of the square. 2) Find the magnitude of the electric force on th

    Electrostatic force and gravitational force in equlibrium.

    Two identical spheres of mass 0.1 g each carrying identical charges are suspended from the same point by two weightless threads each of length 1.3 m. They position themselves so that their centres are 1.0 m apart. Find the charge on each sphere.