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    Vectors and velocity: Landing speed for stone thrown from edge of a cliff

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    See attached file for a drawing.

    A student stands at the edge of a cliff and throws a stone horizontally over the edge with a speed of v(0) = 17.4 m/s. The cliff is h = 42.4 m above a flat horizontal beach. With what speed does it land?

    I don't understand how the stone could land with anything but the speed of gravity. Can you explain why it lands with another speed, and generally explain how to do this problem?

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    I'm working on Linux so generally it's bit extra exercise for me to go in computer center and take printout of doc file from windows system.

    Here I'm getting easily what you want to say:
    In such problems divide into two parts: vertical and horizontal. Solve two parts separately and then finally get the combined answer. ...

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    The landing speed for a stone thrown from the edge of a cliff is determined. The vectors and velocity are given. With good explanations and calculations, the problem is solved.