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    Magnitude of the Impulse

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    A bullet, of mass 20g, traveling at 350 m/s, strikes a steel plate at an angle of 30degrees with the plane of the plate. it ricochets off at the same angle, at a speed of of 320 m/s. What is the magnitude of the impulse that the wall gives to the bullet?
    a. 300 Ns
    b. 0.3 Ns
    c. 0.52 Ns
    d. 6.7 Ns.

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    Impulse is given as the change in momentum for the bullet. Momentum is the mass time the vector velocity of the bullet.

    The initial vector velocity can be resolved into a Cartesian coordinate system (i,j) with the plate on the i axis the initial velocity vector is ...

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    The solution works through the problem of the magnitude of impulse that a wall gives a bullet which strikes against it and ricochets off, as described in the question, with brief worded explanations interspersing the necessary calculations in a clear and concise manner.