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Working with a system of pulleys

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There are two masses hanging down off the sides of a table connected with a spring between them. Describe what will happen and what value the spring scale S will read (a spring scale will read the tension in the wire.) in fig.1 below if m 1 = m 2 = 1 kg and if m 1 = 1.2 kg, m 2 = 1 kg. For the second case show your work and obtain an acceleration numerically, if you think there will be one, along with the spring scale reading. (Ignore the mass of the scale, the pulleys, and the string.)

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Step by step explanations with a figure.

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Please see the attachment also.
<br>when the masses are equal, we can write from figure, (no motion)
<br>T - mg = ma (for either m1 or m2)
<br>but a =0 and thus,
<br>T = mg ...

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