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    Geometric and arithmetic series, pulleys in parallell

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    Resistances in series can be reduced to a unique resistance R such that
    eq(1) R= r1 + r2 +...+ rn

    in Parallel , we have
    eq (2) 1/ (1/r1 +1/r2 +...+ 1/rn)

    For the pulleys , to reduce the effort to keep a block and tackle (which has a mass M at he end) in equilibrium , the necessary force F to furnish is :
    eq(3) F = W/2^n

    Where n is the number of pulleys

    By comparing the two examples we notice that eq(1) is an arithmetic series
    Whereas eq(3) is a geometric series

    Then find the equivalent relation of eq(2) but this time for a geometric series. To be clearer what would be a mathematical relation to represent in equation a "parallel" pulleys system.
    Still to say it in another way ,
    (2) is to (1)
    "a certain equation" would be to (3)
    What would be this equation?

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    For equation (2), when each pulley carries a weight of W, each pulley will reduce the force ...