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Question pertaining to a 3rd-class lever and angular velocity.

I need to show mathematically how two 3rd-class levers joined together in a series increase angular velocity versus using a single 3rd-class lever. For example, a football player kicking the ball from the tee. I need to compare when he kicks it with his kicking leg maintained in a straight condition, i.e. only his hip joint ro

Systems of units

1.A boeing 747 jet with 385 people cruising 39000 ft travels 280 yds on gallon of fuel. How many gallons will it need to travel 2000 km. a. How many meters does 200 km equal? b. How many meters does the plane travel per gallon of fuel? How many gallons will the plane need to travel 2000 km? 2. How may liters of water w

Rod/pin apparatus is featured.

Rigid rod OA is 2 ft long and rotated around fixed pt O. This rod is pinned at A to rigid connecting rod AB, 6 ft long, which in turn is pinned at B to piston C. This piston moves without friction along the y axis. The pins are also frictionless. Rod OA is positioned so that it is pi/3 radians above the x-axis and angular ve