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    Bicycle physics

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    Was given formula IMA(1) = (r of rear sprocket/r of front sprocket) * (r of pedal/r of wheel)

    If Rear sprocket = r of 5.37cm; circum. of 33.75cm

    Front sprokcet = r of 5.57cm; circum of 35cm

    Radius of pedal = 9cm

    Radius of wheel = 33cm

    Calculated IMA(1) to be 0.28

    was given formula IMA(2) = distance of pedal/distance of wheel
    or Circum. of pedal/Circum. of wheel

    1) How would you calculate the distance the wheel would travel using these figures?
    2) How would you calculate the average speed of the gears if cyclist turns pedals at 90rpm's?

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    1. Distance traveled will be equal to the circumference of the wheel times the number of the rotation of the wheels. Note that rear wheel is attached to the rear sprocket so they have the same angular velocity w. Rear sprocket is connected to front sprocket via chain. ...

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    The solution assists with calculating the distance traveled by bicycle wheel and pedals.