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    Linear expansion of metals and other physics problems

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    The coefficient of linear expansion of aluminum is 0.000023/C. A circular hole in an aluminum plate is 2.725 cm in diameter at 0C. What is the diameter of the hole if the temperature of the plate is raised to 100C?

    A child wants to pump up a bicycle tire so that its pressure is 250 X 10 Pa above that of atmospheric pressure. If the child uses a pump with a circular piston 0.035 m in diameter, what force must the child exert?

    A submarine is operating at 100.0 m below the surface of the ocean. If the air inside the submarine is maintained at a pressure of 1.0 atmosphere, what is the magnitude of the force that acts on the rectangular hatch 2.0 m X 1.0 m on the deck of the submarine?

    What mass of water (at 4.0 C) can be contained in a rectangular box whose dimensions are 10.0 cm by 5.00 cm by 1.00 cm? The density of water at 4.0 C is 1.000 X 10 kg/m-cubed.

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