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    rotation of uniform cylinder about a horizontal axis

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    A uniform cylinder of radius 10 cm and mass 20 kg is mounted so as to rotate freely about a horizontal axis that is parallel to and 5.0 cm form the central longitudinal axis of the cylinder. a) What is the rotational inertia of the cylinder about the axis of rotation? b) If the cylinder is released from rest with its central longitudinal axis at the same height as the axis about which the cylinder rotates, what is the angular speed of the cylinder as it passes through its lowest position?

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    (a) First, draw a picture of this system. (a) shows an end-on view of the rotating cylinder. Its symmetry axis is labeled "CM" but its rotational axis is marked "Axis".
    The cylinder does not ...

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    The solution is comprised of detailed explanation of the rotation of a uniform cylinder about a horizontal axis, which is parallel to the central longitudinal axis of the cylinder. The rotational inertia and the angular speed of the cylinder are calculated with step-by-step explanations and graphs.