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Equivalent Resistance and Current

Two 70 ohm resistors are connected in parallel. This parallel arrangement is connected in series with a 30 ohm resistor. The combination is then placed across a 130 V battery. What is the equivalent resistance of the parallel portion of the circuit? What single resistance could replace the three original resistors? What is t

RC Circuit - Capacitor Discharge Time, Time Constant, etc.

(Please see the attachment for detailed problem) 1) In a circuit shown below it took capacitor 0.138 seconds to discharge from its maximum charge Qmax to half of that maximum charge once the battery was removed. a) How much time would it take that capacitor to discharge from its maximum charge to 1/16th of that maximu

Voltage Readings

I am doing a lab with 1.5V battery as power source - I have three resistors in parallel and then in series- my question is why or how do I get multimeter DMM readings of 1.59 V or higher than 1.5V readings when I am only using a 1.5V battery- please explain in basic terms so I may understand Thanks

Phasors and voltage

A circuit has two components connected in series as shown below; using phasors to represent the voltages and currents, as appropriate a) Determine the unknown voltage V b) What is the value of the unknown voltage, V, if the original voltage Vs is multiplied by the factor: 2∟90º Please see the attached.

inductor current after the switch closes

Problem 8.3-4, the figure 8.3-4 diagram is attached separately. Please see attachments. The circuit shown in Figure P 8.3-4 is at a steady state before the switch closes at time t = 0. Determine the inductor current i(t) for t >0.

security alarm circuit

Problem 8.3-10 only. A security alarm for an office building door is modeled by the circuit of Figure P 8.3-10. The swtich represents the alarm interlock, and v is the alarm indicator voltage. Find v(t) for t >0 for the circuit Figure P8.3-10. The switch has been closed for a long time at t = 0-.

Derive Expression for Electric Circuit

I need some help with this question: a. Derive an expression for the phase shift of the circuit below b. Calculate the phase shift at a frequency of 30 KHZ given that: L = 12 mH R = 220 ohms C = 47 nF RL = 1.2 K*ohms c. What is the effect on output signal amplitude and phase of open circuiting the load? See attachme

Electric Field Questions on Resistors

See attached for full problem description 16) Four resistors of values 2.0 Q, 4.0 Q, 3.0 Q, and 9.0 Qare connected across a DC source with voltage Vas shown in Figure 6. If the total current through this circuit is 2.0 A, what is the current through the 4~Q resistor? 17] Two capacitors are connected in parallel. If the third

Transfer Function and Step Response of the Circuit

See attached file for full problem description. Please answer only 12.5. You may assume that the op-amp in the above circuit is deal. (a) compute the transfer function H(s) = V2(s) / V1(s) (b) determine the poles and zeros of the transfer function (c) Make a sketch that indicates where the poles and zeros lie in the comple

Solving for Voltage and Current in a Switch Circuit

Refer to the following circuit: Assume that the switch has been open for a long time, and that it closes at time t=0 seconds. The switch remains closed thereafter. Solve for vx(t), and ix(t) as shown in the circuit diagram. See attached file for full problem description.

current and voltage of the capacitor

Please answer #5 only. See attached file for full problem description. 7.2-5: The voltage, v(t), and the current, i(t), of a 1-F capacitor adhere to the passive convention. Also, v(0) = 0 V and i(0) = 0 A. (a) determine v(t) when i(t) = x(t), where x(t) is shown in Figure P 7.2-5 and i(t) has the units of A. (b) determ

transient analysis of RC series circuit

The diagram shows a RC circuit with one battery of 100 V in series with a capacitor of 10.0 uF and one resistor. Initially, the switch S is open and the capacitor has no charge. Two (2) seconds later of closing the switch, the voltage through the resistor is 37 V. a. Find the value of the resistor R b. How much charge does

Drug Addiction and Reward Circuits in the Brain

Presents the principles of drug action, and biological mechanisms involved in addiction to commonly abused psychoactive drugs. 1. Discuss the mechanisms of psychoactive drug action. 2. Identify the health hazards of commonly abused psychoactive drugs. 3. Explain the weight gain following smoking cessation.

series RLC circuit...

I am having trouble with #27, I need a mapped out way to get the answers to match the back of the book. Note: you need to use the RLC circuit in # 14 (the one in the right column) to obtain the answers in#27 27. Consider the series RLC circuit of problem 14. The voltage amplitude of the source is 150 V. (a) At what angu

Log regression for calculating elasticity

Use the dataset Laptop Prices to answer this question. The data has a list of Installed Memory, Hard Drive Size, Display Size, Weight and Price of laptops on certain selected days between November 2006 and January 2007. a. Regress Log Price on Log Installed Memory, Log Hard Drive Size, Log Display Size and Log Weight and Dummi

Simplifying Circuits and Expressions for Logic Circuits

6. Simplify the circuit: Line A enters a NOR Gate, exits, and enters a final AND Gate. Likewise, Line B enters the same NOR Gate, exits, and enters the same final NAND Gate. Line C goes directly to the final NAND Gate. 7. Find the expression for the logic circuit: Line A enters a NOR Gate, exits, and enters a final AND Gate.

Simplifying a Circuit Diagram

4. Find the simplified circuit diagram: Line A enters a NOR Gate, exits, and enters a final NAND Gate. Likewise, Line B enters the same NOR Gate, exits, and enters the same final NAND Gate. A line connected to Line B drops vertically before entering an INVERTER, exits and enters an AND Gate, then exits and enters a final NAND Ga

Time constant for a circuit

3. What is the time constant for a circuit of 10 Volts, followed by a capacitor of 60 micro farads, a switch, then a 4k ohm resistor? 4. What is the time constant for a circuit of 5 Volts, followed by a switch, then a 3 ohm resistor, then a 4 mH inductor, then a 2 ohm resistor in parallel with the 3 ohm resistor?

Circuit switched versus packet switched network

State in which situations a circuit switched network is better choice than a packet switched network and in which situation a packet switched network is better? Suppose a user shares an n Mbps link and this alternates between periods of activity (when the user generates data at a constant rate of m kbps) and periods of inactivit

Circuit Switched Network TDM

A circuit switched network uses TDM with 12 slots and has a bit rate of 1.536Mbps. How long it takes to send a file of 320,000 bits from host A to host B. Suppose that it takes 500msec to establish an end to end circuit before host A can begin to transmit the file. Explain the answer.