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Method of images.

See attachment with diagram. The method of images as applied to a grounded conducting sphere as shown. The image charge is Q'=-Q R/D located at a=R^2/D. Show that V=0 at an arbitrary point on the surface of the sphere. Calculate the induced surface charge density sigma(theta) and also evaluate the total induced surface

Baghdad Battery Feasibility

Is it likely that the "bagdad battery was an early electrolytic cell? Why do some people believe this? what is it composed of that suggests it might be a battery? what might have been some possible uses?

Electrostatics: Variable Permittivity Dielectric Capacitor

The relative permittivity of the dielectric between the plates of a parallel plate capacitor varies linearly from one plate to the other. If epsilon_r1 and epsilon_r2 are the values at the two plates, where epsilon_r2>epsilon_r1, and if the plate separation is s, show that the capacitance per unit area is [epsilon_o(epsilo

Charge on an Electron

1. An inflated rubber balloon is rubbed with a wool cloth until an excess of a billion electrons is on the balloon. What is the magnitude of the charge on the balloon? 2. What is the force between two balloons with a negative charge of 1.6x10-10c if the balloon s are 5.0cm apart? 3. How much energy is available from a 12V

Max amount of energy required to generate this mass

From the equation Na+(l) + e- (double arrow) Na(s) and Cl2(g) + 2e- (double arrow) 2Cl-(l) What current must be passed through molten NaCl to generate 1.609kg of chlorine in 20 minutes? AND What is the max amount of energy (J) that would be required to generate this mass? Thanks

Potentials and Gauge.

In certain region of space we have the potentials (given is spherical coordinates) V =0 A = -1/(4*pi*e0) * pt/r^3 * [2cos(theta) r_hat +sin(theta) theta_hat] What is the electric field? What is the magnetic field? Given the gauge function lambda = -1/(4*pi*e0) * pt/r^2 * cos(theta) Find the new potentials What a

Government and Not For Profit Accounting

Part 1: The following relate to the town of Coupland (dollar amounts in thousands): Equipment used in a vehicle repair service that provides service to other departments on a cost-reimbursement basis; the equipment has a ten-year life with no salvage value $1,400 Property taxes levied and collected $6,300 Hotel taxes (

Financial Reporting

Use a copy of the most recent annual report for General Electric. Then, use the information contained in the balance sheet and the income statement to answer the questions below in addition to discussing the changes in the dollar amounts reported in the current annual reporting period as compared to the previous annual reporting

Polarization and bound charge

A slab of material has parallel faces, one coincides with the xy plane while the other is given by z=t The material has non-uniform polarization P = P(1+a*z) in the z direction. Find teh volume and surface bound charge densities. Find the total bound charge in a cylinder of teh material of cross section A and sides parallel t

expression for the electric field inside the hollow sphere

Consider a spherical insulator with a uniform charge distribution. Imagine a spherical cavity is created inside the sphere. Write down an expression for the electric field inside the hollow sphere. DO NOT assume both spheres are centered on the same location! Please see the attached file.

Find the Speed of a Charged Particle

A small particle has charge -6.90 micro-Coulombs and mass 1.00×10-4 kg . It moves from point A, where the electric potential is VA= 280 V , to point B, where the electric potential is VB= 930 V; note that this is greater than the potential at point A. The electric force is the only force acting on the particle. The particle

Net Electric Flux Due to Three Small Charged Spheres

The three small spheres shown in the figure (see the attachment) carry charges q1 = 3.80 nC , q2 = -7.65 nC , and q3 = 2.00 nC. A) Find the net electric flux through the closed surface S1 shown in cross section in the figure. B) Find the net electric flux through the closed surface S2 shown in cross section in the figur

Electric field due to coaxial cable

A long coaxial cable consists of an inner cylindrical conductor with radius a and an outer coaxial cylinder with inner radius b and outer radius c. The outer cylinder is mounted on insulating supports and has no net charge. The inner cylinder has a uniform positive charge per unit length lambda. Calculate the magnitude of th

Electric Field of a Semicircular Charge Distribution

Positive charge Q is uniformly distributed on a semicircle of radius alpha (see the attachment). Find the magnitude of the electric field at the center of curvature P. What is the direction of the electric field at the center of curvature P?

Electrostatics: Field Due to Linear Charge Distribution

Positive charge Q is distributed uniformly along the x-axis from x = 0 to x = a. A positive point charge q is located on the positive x-axis at x = a + r, a distance r to the right of the end of Q (see the attachment). (a) Calculate the x-component of the electric field produced by the charge distribution Q at points on the

Electric field of two point charges

A point charge, q1 = -4.00 nC, is at the point x= 0.60 m, y= 0.80 m. A second point charge, q2 = +6.00 nC, is at the point x= 0.60 m, y= 0 m. Calculate the magnitude of the net electric field at the origin due to these two point charges. Calculate the direction of the net electric field at the origin due to these two po

The motion of a particle in uniform electric and magnetic fields

Full question is attached. 1) In this question we will consider the motion of a charged particle in uniform electric and magnetic fields that are perpendicular. You may ignore the effects of gravity throughout this question. a) i) Consider a charged particle of mass m and charge q which is moving in a uniform electric field

Organic Structures: Polarity and Electron-Dot Formulas

Please see the attachment for a better formatting of these questions. 1) Draw a structural formula for each of the following molecules. Which bonds are polar? Indicate the polarity by proper placement of the symbols d+ and d-. a. CH3Cl b. H2 2) Draw structural formulas for all possible isomers having the following mole

Phenomena of charging due to transfer of charge and induction.

(Please see the attached file) 6) a) I placed several aluminum pie plates on top of the large metal sphere of the van de Graaff machine and then turned it on. After a few seconds the pie plates flew off. Explain why. Focus on physics involved. b) When I placed packing peanuts in a pie plate they also flew off. Why? Can t

Charges and Forces: Three Particles Are Placed in a Line

Three particles are placed in a line. The left particle has a charge of -67 µC, the middle, qm = +54 µC, and the right, qr = -86 µC. The middle particle is 72 cm from each of the others, as shown in Figure 20-13. (a) Find the net force on the middle particle. Magnitude (N). (b) Find the net force on the right particle.

Electron Relative to the Point Charge Based on Electric Force

A point charge q = -3.5 x 10-10 C is fixed at the origin, as shown below. Where must an electron be placed relative to the point charge so that the electric force acting on the electron is exactly opposite to its own weight? Include a sketch showing the position of the charges (it does not need to be to scale, but it must show c

charge and capacitance of the cylindrical capacitor

A cylindrical capacitor has an inner conductor with a radius of 1.4mm and an outer conductor with a radius of 3.9mm. Both conductors are separated by a vacuum, and the entire capacitor has a length of 2.4m 1) What is the capacitance per unit length? 2) The potential of the inner conductor relative to that of the outer con

charge required to break the ring due to electrostatic repulsion

1. Consider a conducting ring made of thin wire wheel: d is the diameter of the wire and D is the diameter of the ring (D>>d). A charge Q placed on the ring is just enough to cause the ring to break apart due to electrostatic repulsion. All linear dimensions are doubled (multiplied by 2); what is the new charge required

Electrostatics - Writing an Expression for Volume Charge Density

A) Write an expression for the volume charge density, rho(r) of a point charge q at r' (the volume integral of rho(r) = q) b) What is the volume charge density of an electric dipole consisting of a point charge-q at the origin and a point charge +q at a(bar) c) What is the charge density of a uniform infinitesimally t

Repulsive Forces Between Charges

A repulsive force force of 220 N exists between an unknown charge and a charge of +4.7mC. If they are separated by 2.5cm, what is the magnitude of the unknown charge?

Electric Potential

The membrane that surrounds a certain type of living cell has a surface area of 5.0 10-9 m2 and a thickness of 1 10-8 m. Assume that the membrane behaves like a parallel plate capacitor and has a dielectric constant of 5. (a) If the potential on the outer surface of the membrane is +70.0 mV greater than that on the inside s