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Charge on an Electron

1. An inflated rubber balloon is rubbed with a wool cloth until an excess of a billon electrons is on the ballon. What is the magnitute of the charge on the ballon?

2. what is the force between two ballons with a negative charge of 1.6x10-10c if the ballon s are 5.0cm apart?

3. How much entergy is avalible from a 12V storage battery that can transfer a total charge equivalent to 1000,000C?

6. There is a current of 0.83 A through a lightbulb in a 120V circuit. what is the resistance of this lightbulb?

7. What is the voltage across a 60.0 resistor with a current of 31/3 amp?

9. A lightbulb designed to operate in a 120.0V circuit has a resistance of 192 At what rate does the bulb use electric entergy?

11. An electric motor draws a current of 11.5 A in a 240V circuit. what is the power of thios motor in W ?

13. Is it impossible for two people to simultaneously operate 1300W hair dryers on the same 120V circuit without tripping a 15A circuit breaker? Explain?

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