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    Electron Properties: Distance, acceleration, collision, force, strength of electric field, point charge

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    1) The average distance an electron travels between collisions is 2.0 um. What acceleration must an electron have to gain 2.0 * 10^{ - 18} J of kinetic energy in this distance?

    2) What force must act on the electron to give it that acceleration?

    3) What strength electric field N/C will exert this much force on an electron? This is the breakdown field strength.

    4) Suppose a free electron in air is 1.0 cm away from a point charge. What minimum charge q_min nC must this point charge have to cause a breakdown of the air and create a spark?

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    The questions are in a wrong order. I shall correct this.

    To gain kinetic energy T = 2x10^{ - 18} J over distance D = 2x10^{-6}m the force F must be such that

    F*D = T


    F = T/D = 2x10^{ - 18} ...

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