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Applied Physics

Euler Equation

Please see the attached PDF file. I would prefer a solution in PDF format. Thank you!

Physics: Application of the principle of conservation of energy

Using the principle of conservation of energy: (a) determine the speed of 3.00kg object just as the 5.00kg object hits the ground. (b) find the maximum height to which the 3kg object rises. (c) How will this mass as it descends rise the mass up as v=0 (m1 and m2 both have a v=0) (solve for y) I have the answers to (a

Find the speed of the bullet after it has passed through a block.

A 3gm bullet with a speed of 300m/sec is fired on a 400gm block initially at rest. The bullet passes through the block and as a result the block begins to move with a speed of 1.5m/sec in the original direction of the bullet. Find the speed of the bullet after it has passed through the block.

Velocity, conservation of momentum, force, force of gravity

1. A ball is thrown in the air with enough force so that it goes straight up for several seconds. a. What is the velocity of the ball 1 sec before it's highest point? b. What is the change in velocity during this 1 sec interval? c. What is the velocity 1 sec after it reaches it's highest point? d. what is the change in veloc