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    Force and Center of Mass

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    A person holds a bowling ball in his hand with his forearm horizontal. The bowling ball has a mass of 5.10 kg and the mass of the forearm is 1.50 kg. The bicep muscle is attached to the bone of the forearm at a point d=3.00 cm from the elbow joint and the bowling ball is L=35.0 cm from the joint. Model the center of mass of the forearm as being at 17.0 cm from the elbow joint.

    A) Find the force that the bicep muscle exerts upward on the bone of the forearm in order to hold the bowling ball at rest.
    B) Find the force that the upper arm exerts downward on the forearm at the elbow joint.
    Note how large both these forces are compared to the weight of the bowling ball.

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    Assign the force of the biceps to be F1 (pointing up)
    Assign the force of the upper arm to be F2 (pointing ...

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    This solution deals with the force and center of mass applied in terms of human anatomy: a bowling ball being held up by the bicep muscle. The force that the bicep muscle exerts upwards is determined.