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    Horizontal Beam & Disk of Mass

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    7. A horizontal beam length= 10m, mass= 25kg that is pivoted at the wall, with its far end supported by a cable that makes an angle 50° with the horizontal. If a person with a mass of 60kg stands 3.0m from the pivot, what is the tension in the cable? I need to know all of the forces acting on the beam.
    8. A disk of mass M and radius R is rolling down an incline without slipping. If the disk starts from rest find a, its linear speed V when it reaches the bottom and b, its linear acceleration a while rolling down the incline?
    9. A disk of mass 20kg and radius 40cm can rotate around an axis perpendicular to the disk and passing through its center. A 20-N force acts tangentially to the disk. Find the kinetic energy of the disk 10s after the force is applied. Assume that the disk is at rest initially.

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