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    Applied Physics

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    Archimedes' Principle on a Body in Water

    Hi. Can someone please walk me through how to do the following problem? A person with a mass of 81 kg and a volume of 0.089 m^3 floats quietly in water. (a) What is the volume of the person that is above water? (b) If an upward force F is applied to the person, the volume above water increases by 0.0018 m^3. Find the fo

    Simple Pendulum and Length of Rod and Force Constant of Spring

    Three objects are constructed as follows: A simple pendulum has a length Ls= 3.4 m, A physical pendulum consisting of a thin, uniform rod of length Lr, and a mass M= 9.4 kg suspended from a spring whose force constant is k. All three objects oscillate with the same period. Find the length Lr of the thin rod and also the for

    Euler Equation

    Please see the attached PDF file. I would prefer a solution in PDF format. Thank you!

    Bone Elasticity

    Young's modulus for bone is about 1.0 x 10^10 Pa. Bone can take only about a 1.0% change in its length before fracturing. a) What is the maximum force that can be applied to a bone whose minimum cross sectional area is 3.0 cm^2? b) Estimate from what maximum height a 70 kg person (one weighing about 150lb) could jump an

    Average Force Exerted by Ground if Man Falls out of a Window

    "A 74.3 kg man steps out a window and falls (from rest) 1.01 m to a sidewalk. If the man falls with his knees and ankles locked, the only cushion for his fall is a 0.488 cm give in the pads of his feet. Calculate the average force exerted on him by the ground in this situation. This average force is sufficient to cause cartilage

    Spring constant of bungee cord

    "A 61.2 kg bungee jumper jumps from a bridge. She is tied to a 11.2 m long (unstretched) bungee cord and falls a total of 32.4 m. Calculate the spring constant k of the bungee cord." Here's how I approached this question: (1/2)(k)(x^2) = mgH k = 2mgH/x^2 k = (2)(61.2)(9.8)(32.4)/11.2^2 = 309.8 N/m But this is not the

    Physics: Application of the principle of conservation of energy

    Using the principle of conservation of energy: (a) determine the speed of 3.00kg object just as the 5.00kg object hits the ground. (b) find the maximum height to which the 3kg object rises. (c) How will this mass as it descends rise the mass up as v=0 (m1 and m2 both have a v=0) (solve for y) I have the answers to (a

    Force Applied at an Angle Calculations

    "A student's car stalls right in front of a speed bump while she is on her way to physics class. To pull it over the bump, she ties a cable to her bumper and to a nearby tree, and pulls with a force, F, of 70.0 pounds (311 N) at the midpoint in a perpendicular direction. If theta is 12.4 degrees, what is the size of the force pu

    Two springs can be combined in series or in parallel

    SEE ATTACHMENT #1 for a diagram of the springs and both arrangements. Spring A has force constant kA= 60 nt/m. Spring B has force constant kB= 40 nt/m. The two springs attached end to end form a series combination with force constant Ks. The two springs attached side by side so that a force applied to the ends stretches bo

    Find the speed of the bullet after it has passed through a block.

    A 3gm bullet with a speed of 300m/sec is fired on a 400gm block initially at rest. The bullet passes through the block and as a result the block begins to move with a speed of 1.5m/sec in the original direction of the bullet. Find the speed of the bullet after it has passed through the block.

    Guitar strings' lengths, relative densities and frequencies

    Given two guitar strings' lengths and relative densities, find information about their frequencies and tensions. The thinnest string on a certain guitar has a linear density one fifteenth the linear density of the thickest string. Both strings are the same length, L= .64 m. NOTE: On a musical scale a note one octave higher

    Finding Moment of Inertia: Hollow Cylinder Example

    A uniform hollow cylinder such as a roll of paper towels, has mass M, inner radius Ri, outer radius Ro. By applying 'I= Int (r^2 dm)', find its moment of inertia about a center of mass axis along its diameter. See attachment for diagram.

    Velocity, conservation of momentum, force, force of gravity

    1. A ball is thrown in the air with enough force so that it goes straight up for several seconds. a. What is the velocity of the ball 1 sec before it's highest point? b. What is the change in velocity during this 1 sec interval? c. What is the velocity 1 sec after it reaches it's highest point? d. what is the change in veloc