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Simple Pendulum and Length of Rod and Force Constant of Spring

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Three objects are constructed as follows:
A simple pendulum has a length Ls= 3.4 m, A physical pendulum consisting of a thin, uniform rod of length Lr, and a mass M= 9.4 kg suspended from a spring whose force constant is k. All three objects oscillate with the same period.
Find the length Lr of the thin rod and also the force constant k of the spring.
See ATTACHMENT for a diagram of the objects, and physics statements A, B and C.

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See equations (1) through (5) on the ATTACHMENT.
Step 1.
Substituting knowns into ...

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A simple pendulum and length of rod and force constant springs are found.

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KIndly answer the questions from A to G. Thanks.

A. How did the change in the mass of the bob affect the resulting period and frequency?

B. How did the change in amplitude affect the resulting period and frequency?

C. How did the change in the length of the pendulum affect the period and frequency?

D. What would happen if you used very large amplitudes with the same length of string? Check your hypothesis by experiment. What amplitude(s) did you use? What were the results?

E. Hypothesize about how a magnet placed directly under the center point would affect an iron bob. As an optional activity, design an experiment to see if a magnetic will affect the period of a pendulum.

F. What was the percent error in conducting this experiment? What might be a few sources for error in your experimental data and calculations?

G. What would you expect of a pendulum at a high altitude, for example on a high mountaintop?
What would your pendulum do under weightless conditions?

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