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Trigonometric Function Graphs

I need help with the following problem. For the range 0.1 < or = x <or = 0.2, plot the following function. cos (3x)/sin (2x) I really don't know where to begin. thanks

trigonometric function find period, amplitude, phase shift

The figure below shows the graph of a sine function - y is a function of &#952;, with &#952; measured in degrees. For this function state: a. its Period b. its Amplitude c. its Phase Shift from the sine function y = sin2x d. the Equation of the Function Answer in degrees also please Please see the attached file for t

Evaluate the Integral

Evaluate (be careful if n=m) &#8747; 0 --> L sin(n pi x/L) sin(m pi x/L) dx for n>0 and m>0. Use the trigonometric identity 2 sin a sin b = cos(a-b) - cos(a+b) Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems.

Cross-sectional Area and Co-ordinates of Holes : Algebra and Trigonometry

1. A flat is machined on a circular bar if 15 mm diameter with a central depth of 2 mm. Find the area of cross-section of the finished bar. Q2. The diagram shows 5 holes equally spaced round a pitch circle of diameter 100 mm. Calculate the co-ordinate dimensions (i.e. the x and y co-ordinates) of the hole centres relative to

Analyse a trigonometric function and graph

Q1. The figure below shows the graph of a sine function -y is a function of x, with x measured in degrees. For this function state: a. Its PERIOD b. Its AMPLITUDE c. Its PHASE SHIFT from the sine function y = sin3xo d. The equation of the function Please see attached.

Sound Waves

Consider the wave equation when the solution s admits spherical symmetry, ie, s(t,x,y,z)=v(t,r), where ... , the wave equation becomes: (1) making the substitution for some twice differentiable function h, show that (1) becomes hence, show that the general solution reads for any twice differentiable functions f

An Equilibrium and Weight Problem

Two builders carry a sheet of drywall up a ramp. The drywall is very thin and is 3.20m long and 2.20m wide. The ramp makes an angle of 18.0 degrees with the horizontal. The lead builder carries a weight of 139.0 N (31.2 lb). What is the weight carried by the builder at the rear if the drywall is carried by the longside (distan

Trigonometric Equations : Solution and Area of Triangle

1. Find all the solutions of the equation 3sin20(degrees) = cos2x(degrees) in the range 0(degrees) is less then or equal to x(degrees) which is less than or equal to 180(degrees). 2. A triangle has sides A-C =3cm A-B = 5 cm B-C = 4 cm Find the area of

Initial-Value Problems, Wronskian and Particular Solutions

1. Solve the IVP y'' - 2y' + 2y=0; y(0) = 0; y'(0) = 5. 2. y'''+9y'=0; y(0)=3;y'(0)=-1;y''(0) =2 Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. Please give me detailed, step by step hints to solving the problems. Thanks very much!

Trigonometric Identity Function

If Z1= R1(cosx1+sinxI) and Z2= (cosx2+sinxI) How do you prove that Z1 multiplied by Z2 = R1 multiplied by R2(Cos(x1+x2)+sin(x1+x2)I).

Applying Trigonometric Identities

Evaluate this expression and put in terms of sin x and/or cos x. sin6x + sin4x Show your work and explain how the answer was obtained.

Evaluating Trig functions

Use the given values to evaluate the remaining trig functions. sin(-x) = -1/3, tan x = -sq. root of 2/4 Please show me the complete steps to evaluate this problem.

Prove the trigonometric identity.

Prove that [sin &#952;/(1 - cos &#952;)] - [(1 + cos &#952;)/sin &#952;] =0 Provide reasons (identities, operations, etc.) for each step in the proof. Include any thoughts, ideas or strategies used to prove the identity.

Function indicated domain of definition

The problems are from complex variable class. Please specify the terms that you use if necessary and explain each step of your solution. If there is anything unclear in the problem, please tell me. Thank you very much. 4. Use the given theorem to show that each of these functions is differentiable in the indicated domain of