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Double-angle and half-angle

Given tanx = 2 and the quadrant is 1. Identify sin2x, cos2x, and tan2x using the double-angle and half-angle formulas.

Trigonometry Vector Problem: Force Angles

Three forces acting at a point are in equilibrium. The forces are 930 lb, 760 lb, and 1220 lb. Find the angles between the directions of the forces. (Hint: Arrange the forces to form the sides of a triangle.)

Angle of Depression - Trigonometry

The foot, F, of a hill and the base B, of a vertical tower TB, 27 metres tall, are on the same horizontal plane. From the top, T, of the tower, the angle of depression of F is 32.7 degrees. P is a point on the hill 27.5 metres away from F along the line of greatest slope. T, B, F and P all lie in the same vertical plane. The ang

Trigonometry Functions and Angles

1)If sin(t) = -5/13 and 270 degrees is less than or equal to t and is less than or equal to 360 degrees, then cos(t)=? 2)If 0 degrees is less than t and less than 90 degrees and cos(t) = 4/5, then cos(2t)=? 3)A right triangle is shown, sec(t) =? . | 1 = hypotenuse . | x = y