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Card probability

In a 2-card hand, what is the probability of holding only face cards? (Aces are not face cards)


Suppose 6 people sit at a circular table. Find the probability that 2 particular people are sitting next to each other.

Lottery probability

A lottery game contains 29 balls numbered 1 through 29. What is the probability of choosing a ball numbered 30?

Determining the probability from a given situation.

For a certain animal species, the probability that a female will have a certain number of offspring in a given year is given in the table below. Find the expected number of offspring per year. Number of Offspring: 0 Probability: 0.31 Number of Offspring: 1 Probability: 0.21 Number of Offspring: 2 Probability: 0.19


If 3 boys and 2 girls are to be arranged in a row, what is the Probability that the first person in the row will be a boy?

Finding the probability from a given situation.

In a certain college, 33% of the physics majors belong to ethnic minorities. Find the probability of the event that, from a random sample of 10 students who are physics majors, 2 or less belong to an ethnic minority.

Find the probability

At the first tri-city meeting, there were 8 people from town A, 7 people from town B, and 5 people from town C. If the council consists of 5 people, find the probability of 3 from town A and 2 from town B.

Find the probability

The Gray Stone Rock Band will give 10 performances this season.Four of these will be only songs from the 70s. If Tony gets to pick two tickets at random, what is the probability that he will get both 70s tickets?

Probability and Statistics College Project

We were supposed to find all these stats on colleges such as # who applied and # who got accepted, then it says to find the mean mode and median for all the info and I don't know what it means...of all five colleges...of just one...can someone help me find these averages please...I'm desperate.