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PERT problem

Laura Thompson needs to plan and manage a local construction project. The following table describes the relationships between the activities that need to be completed:

ACTIVITY Day A Day M Day B Immediate Predecessors
A 4 8 13
B 4 10 15 A
C 7 14 20 B
D 9 16 19 B
E 6 9 11 B
F 2 4 5 D,E
G 4 7 11 C,F
H 3 5 9 G
I 2 3 4 G,H

A.) Determine the expected times and variances for each activity.
B.) Construct a project network for this problem
C.) Determine the EST,EFT,LST,LFT, and slack for each activity. Also determine the critical path and project completion time.
D.) What is the probability that the project will be finished in less than 57 days.
E.) What is the probability that the project will need at least 50 days?


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