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PERT/CPM network and critical path.

This is a re-post for a problem. I'm confused with the OTA's answer because in the response that I received (attached as 44279-business-CPM, PERT(1).xls), Activity F follows C and D, but in the problem definition, it is supposed to follow A and C. Please help me clarify this...

I have also attached what I came up with for the model (attached as file MyModel.xls)

Here is the original problem:

Organizers for a political convention have determined ten activities that must be done before the convention begins.

Activity Immediate Predecessors Time (Weeks)
A --- 10
B A 4
C B 2
D B 2
E A 6
F A, C 3
G D 4
H F, G 6
I D 5
J E 4

Please clarify the following:
a. Draw out the PERT/CPM network for the project.
b. Identify the critical path.
c. Determine how many weeks prior to the convention the work must begin.

Thank you in advance.