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Customers in a Queue

Customers arrive into a queue, where they are served, and then depart. We model the time between two successive arrivals by an exponential distribution with an arrival rate l=9. Similarly, the departure times are modeled by an exponential distribution with a departure rate m=10. Find the average number of customers in the que

Probability Sample Space Functions

I only need help with problems 1, 2, and 3. Please see the following website for the complete problems: 1. Suppose that the sample space S = {1, 2, 3, ...}. Let pk = Pr({k}) for k 2 S. In each of the following cases, compute c. (a) Suppose that pk

Probability: Sample Spaces

Please see for the fully formatted problems. Probability: This is where the homework 2 is found. I couldn't attach the files for some odd reason. But I ONLY NEED HELP ON PROBLEM # 2, 3, AND 4. 2. Let the sample space be S = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5}. Defi

Working with outcomes of probability.

I have been given a question to break a pin code of 5 digits, and to list all the outcomes. The numbers are between Zero and Nine. How do I go about doing this?

Probabilities from proportion tables

The following tables give the proportions of men and women in the U S population, and the proportions of men and women who have never married, in a recent year. men age proportion in population proportion never married 18-24 0.133 0.874 25-34 0.205 0.397 35-44 0.232 0.187 45-64 0.287 0.075 65 or over 0.142

Conditional Probability Question

Find the probability of the following card hands from a 52-card deck. In poker, aces are either high or low. A bridge hand is made up of 13 cards. Calculate the bridge hand of 6 of one suit, 4 of another, and 3 of another.

Probability: Different Colours of Marbles

Question: A jar contains 3 white marbles, 2 yellow marbles, 4 red marbles, and 5 blue marbles. Two marbles are picked at random. What is the probability that a.) Both are blue b.) Exactly 1 is blue c.) At least 1 is blue

Probability: Considering Failure Rates

The records of Midwestern University show that in one semester, 38% of the students failed mathematics, 27% of the students failed physics, and 9% of the students failed mathematics and physics. A student is selected at random. a.) If a student failed physics, what is the probability that he or she failed mathematics? b.)

Working with probability and combinations.

There are 5 rotten plums in a crate of 25 plums. How many samples of 4 of the 25 plums contain (a) Only good plums? (b) Three good plums amd 1 rotten plum? (c) One or more rotten plums?

Using set theory to solve for the probability.

A survey of a group of military personnel revealed the following information: 95 officers 90 minorities 90 women 40 women officers 38 minority women 40 minority officers 23 women minority officers 16 caucasian male enlisted personnel How many personnel were: a. interviewed b. enlisted minority women c. male minorit

Determining the probability from a given situation.

For a certain animal species, the probability that a female will have a certain number of offspring in a given year is given in the table below. Find the expected number of offspring per year. Number of Offspring: 0 Probability: 0.31 Number of Offspring: 1 Probability: 0.21 Number of Offspring: 2 Probability: 0.19


If 3 boys and 2 girls are to be arranged in a row, what is the Probability that the first person in the row will be a boy?

Finding the probability from a given situation.

In a certain college, 33% of the physics majors belong to ethnic minorities. Find the probability of the event that, from a random sample of 10 students who are physics majors, 2 or less belong to an ethnic minority.

Find the probability

At the first tri-city meeting, there were 8 people from town A, 7 people from town B, and 5 people from town C. If the council consists of 5 people, find the probability of 3 from town A and 2 from town B.

Probability and Statistics College Project

We were supposed to find all these stats on colleges such as # who applied and # who got accepted, then it says to find the mean mode and median for all the info and I don't know what it means...of all five colleges...of just one...can someone help me find these averages please...I'm desperate.