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Probability : Sampling Without Replacement - Card Hands

6. A hand of 4 cards contains one card of each suit ( I,e., one Heart, one Diamond, One Club and one spade). Simon uses this hand to play a game for which the rules are as follows: (1) When a Heart is drawn, the game stops immediately. (2) If the Diamond is drawn, the Diamond is set aside and not replaced (so that when the game

Combinations and Probability (8 Problems) - Camp Cawapati

1. At Camp Cawapati, there is a prize ceremony at the end of each camp session. The campers compete at a variety of challenges throughout the 2-week session, in hopes of earning trophies. For each challenge a camper wins, the camper receives a small replica of the Sacred Cawapati Cup. (These replica trophies are all identical.)

Probability: Calculate and Interpret a Confidence Interval

20. The Associated Press (October 9, 2002) reported that in a survey of 4722 American youngsters aged 6 to 19, 15% were seriously overweight (a body mass index of at least 30; this index is a measure of weight relative to height). Calculate and interpret a confidence interval using a 99% confidence level for the proportion of al

Probabilities related to a sample mean.

The breaking strength of a rivet has a mean value of 10,000 psi and a standard deviation of 500 psi. a. What is the probability that the sample mean breaking strength for a random sample of 40 rivets is between 9900 and 10,200. b. If the sample size had been 15 rather than 40, could the probability requested in part (a) b

Joint Probability Distribution Function

10. Annie and Alvie have agreed to meet between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm for dinner at a local health food restaurant. Let X=Annie's arrival time and Y=Alvie's arrival time. Suppose X and Y are independent with each uniformly distributed on the interval [5, 6]. a. What is the joint pdf of X and Y? b. What is the probability that

Comparing Hyperbola Graphs; Practical Uses of Probability

One of the civil engineers you interviewed for your article works for a company which specializes in bridge construction projects. In the process of designing suspension bridges, they must account for many variables in the modeling. Some of these variables include the bridge span; the force of the typical water currents wearing


When a pair of dice is rolled, the total will range from 2 (1,1) to 12 (6,6). It is a fact that some numbers will occur more frequently than others as the dice are rolled over and over. A. Why will some numbers come up more frequently than others? B. Each die has six sides numbered from 1 to 6. How many possible ways can

Normal Approximation to a Binomial Distribution

Suppose that 10% of all steel shafts produced by a certain process are nonconforming but can be re-worked (rather than having to be scrapped). Consider a random sample of 200 shafts, and let X denote the number among these that are nonconforming, what is the (approximate) probability that X is: a. At most 30 b. Less than 30

Poisson Probability Distribution

80. Suppose that only .10% of all computers of a certain type experience CPU failure during the warranty period. Consider a sample of 10,000 computers ... Please see attachment for complete question. Thanks

Quota, Banzhaf Distribution and Shapely-Shubick Distribution


Probability; Interest Rate; Bacteria Multiplication

PLEASE SHOW ALL WORK FOR COMPLETE UNDERSTANDING! 1) A bacteria culture starts with 7 bacteria which multiply simultaneously every three house. If the first generation is born fromt he initial group at 12 midnight a. How many bacteria will be in the culture at midnight the next night? b. Also what time will there be 224


Some parts of California are particularly earthquake-prone. Suppose that in one such area... a) Find the probability distribution of X... Please see attached.

Probability : Binomial Distribution

#34. A production facility employs 20 workers on the day shift, 15 workers on the swing shift, and 10 workers on the graveyard shift. A quality control consultant is to select 6 of these workers for in depth interviews. Suppose the selection is made in such a way that any particular group of 6 workers has the same chance of bein

Probability: Binomial Distribution and Standard Deviation

You are performing a genetic experiment on dogs. A recent study indicates that 40% of all the dogs have desired trait D. You decide to test 25 dogs to determine if they have trait D or not. Answer the following questions using your knowledge of probability: A. What is the probability that more than 10 dogs have trait D? B.

Sampling Distribution and Sample Mean : Probability

The shelf life of a digital storage device is normally distributed with mean 10 years and standard deviation 2 years. Suppose you are a quality assurance manager and wish to verify this statistic. You choose a sample of 25 storage devices sold in the last 10 years. Supply the following information: Describe the sampling distribu

Probability : Normal Distribution and Z-Score

The temperature(at a randomly selected time) is normally distributed with mean 83 degrees Fahrenheit and standard deviation 5 degrees. Find the following probabilities: The probability that the temperature randomly selected time is between 78 and 88 degrees, the probability that the temperature at a randomly selected time is bet

Probability-A pair of dice are rolled.

A pair of dice are rolled. Find the following: a. The odds against "doubles" (the same number on both dice) b. The probability of a sum greater than 2 c. The odds in favor of "7 or 11" d. The probability of a sum that is even and less than 5

Probability and Statistics : Confidence Intervals and Random Variables

1) A die with three sides {1,2,3} is tossed two times. Let X equal the maximum of two observations and let Y equal the minimum. Find the coefficient of X and Y. 2) Let X1, X2, ...Xn be random variables denoting n independent bids for an item that is for sale. Suppose each Xi is uniformly distributed on the interval [100,20

Find Probability the Mean is the Given Number

You have graduated from college and have been working hard to get established in your field. You eventually land a perfect job where you make tons of money. You decide to step up from the 1992 Chevrolet Cavalier that you have been nurturing for a number of years into a more "comfortable" car (a.k.a. more expensive). You decide t

Normal probability distribution (bell curve)

1. Draw a normal probability distribution (bell curve) on a piece of paper and mark the center line (mean). (no need to send me the sketch-just tell me your answer. a. Draw another line to the right of the center and call it x. If you want to know what the value of the area "greater than" x is, would you be looking to the area

Probability : Complements

1. Your department just shipped 100 engines, and all of them were free of defects. Please tell me which of the following written descriptions is the complement of this event? (Be careful-I HIGHLY suggest referring to the text one more time. This one is really tricky-but the answer is in the test!) a. All of the engines are defe

Basic Probability

1. You just got that degree for which you have been working long and hard. You are offered a job, but the drawback is that you have to move. You check into the town and things start to look better. There are lots of nice parks, bike trails, community events, and a low crime rate. You were interested to find out that 2% of the pe

Probability : Addition and Multiplication Rules

It can be easy enough to get the addition rule and the multiplication rule confused. Tell me the difference between the two. Provide the notations and then tell me what type of problem I would use each one for. Addition Rule: Notation for Addition Rule: P(A or B) = P(event A occurs or event B occurs or they both occur). M

Jointly Distributed Random Variables : Binomial Distributions

Suppose that 25% of US males and 23% of US females never eat breakfast. Suppose a random sample of 250 men and 250 women is taken and polled about eating breakfast. a) What is the probabilty that at least 110 of these 500 people never eat breakfast? b) What is the probability that the number of women who never eat breakfast is

Probability : Bayes' Theorem

In a survey, it is found that 10 boys out of hundred are in favor of selecting their life partners themselves without any interference by their parents. Where as only 20 girls out of 500 hold this view. A person is selected out of this category at random. Assuming the male female ratio to be equal find out the probability of the

Probabilities : Binomial Distribution - Coin-Flip

Six students will decide which of them are on a committee by flipping a coin. Each student flips the coin and is on the committee if he or she gets a head. What is the probability that someone is on the committee, but not all 6 students?

Continuous Random Variables - Introductory Probability - 400 Level Class

30) An image is partitioned into 2 regions - one white and the other black. A reading taken from a randomly chosen point in the white section will give a reading that is normally distributed with Mean=4 and Variance =4, whereas one taken from a randomly chosen point in the black region will have a normally distributed reading wi