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A multichoice test in which each question has four choices, only one of which is correct. Assume that nine questions are answered by guessing randomly. What is the probability of getting exactly three correct answers.

Quantitative Analysis

I have some Quantitative Analysis questions I need help understanding. Simulation Modeling 1. A certain grocery store has noted the following figures with regard to the number of people who arrive at their three checkout stands ready to check out and the time it takes to check out the individuals. Arrivals/Min.

Normal approximations to binomial probabilities

Mathematics Study Centre was established to help students to solve mathematics and statistics problems. Assume that 30% of the students seek help in statistics. If 200 students seek help at the MSC in a semester, approximate the probability that at least 55 of them seek help in statistics.


List the sample space of choosing a ball from a bag containing 2 red balls and 3 black balls. What is the probability of choosing a queen from a deck of 52 cards? What is the probability of the 2nd card being a queen if the first was a queen? (without replacement) If we know that P(A) = 3/5; P(B) = 3/5; P(A AND B) = 2/5,

Waiting line model with a scenario

As it is, models have been developed to assist managers understand and make better decisions concerning the operation of waiting lines. In management, a waiting line is a queue, and the body of knowledge dealing with waiting lines is known as queueing theory. As I understand it, queueing theory has become more sophisticated with

Quantitative Analysis

(1)PD 12-1. Describe a problem in your workplace (or another workplace) that can be solved by each one of these methods and set up the solution for each: � Minimal-spanning tree technique � Maximal flow technique � Shortest-route technique. (2)Chapter 14 PD 14-1. a) Describe a queuing process in you

Standard Deviation, Normal Distributions, Z-Scores, and Probability

1) Hourly wages at the amusement park are normally distributed with a mean of $8.55 per hour and a standard deviation of $0.45. If an employee is selected at random, what is the probability that the worker earns less than $7.75 per hour? 2) The number of years at a bank is normally distributed with a mean of 10.5 years and a

Simulation, Modeling, Trends and Forecasting

Forecast of volumes of pizzas that will be sold in Johnston County The number of pizzas sold will be extremely important to Lotto Pizza. Two factors will impact this number: population growth and percent of population who will purchase a Lotto Pizza. To establish the first number use the population history provided. Althou

Conditional probability, combinations, permutations

Find the number of possible combinations of picking 2 items out of 6. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How many permutations of answers are possible in a true-false test consisting of 10 questions? -------------------------------------------------

Probability problem: Saddam hussein

Pretend you are drawing cards without replacement from the infamous Iraq's most wanted deck issued by the us military. If you are drawing from the full deck of 55 cards, what are the folloing probabilities: a. You draw a card that is not Saddam Hussein? b. You draw two cards, which end up being Saddam Hussein and anothe

Probability of Coins Drawn

Suppose you have 6 nickels, 4 dimes, and 2 quarters in your pocket. If you draw a coin randomly from your pocket, what is the probability that a. You will draw a dime? b. You will draw a half-dollar? c. You will draw a quarter?

Operations Problem - Queuing

See attached file for full problem description. 3. The neighborhood Clinkos copier store has three copiers: C1, C2, and C3. Customers that come to the store can be categorized into two types of jobs: large volume and small volume jobs. Currently, Copiers C1 and C2 are only assigned to customers with large volume copy jobs, a

Probability and Selection with Replacement

1) A poll states that 30% of the workers in a large company have new desks. If 6 workers are selected at random, what is the probability that at least one worker has a new desk? 2) In a shipment of 20 televisions, 5 are defective. If 2 television sets are randomly selected and tested without replacement, what is the probabili


1) In the class, there are 12 freshmen, of whom 8 are males and 15 sophomores, of whom 5 are females. If one student is selected at random, what is the probability of selecting a freshman or a female? 2) In a recent poll by American Automobile Club, 40% of the surveyed said that they were worried about aggressive drivers. If

Variance and Poisson Distributions

Let X1,...,Xn be a random sample from a Poisson distribution with mean Ө. Express the VarӨ (Xi) as a function σ2 = g(Ө).


17. Shown are the percent frequency distributions of job satisfaction scores for a sample of investment banking executive managers (IB) and investment banking financial advisers. The scores range from a low of I (very dissatisfied) to a high of 5 (very satisfied). a. Develop a probability distribution for the job satisfactio

Probability and Frequency Distributions

14. Due to rising medical costs, 43 million people in the United States go without medical insurance. Sample data representative of the national insurance coverage for individuals 18 years of age and older are shown below. Medical Insurance a. Develop adjoint probability table for these data and use the table to answer the

Waiting line problem

Speedy oil provides a single channel automobile oil change and lubrication service. Customers provide an arrive rate of 2.5 cars per hour. The service rate is 5 cars per hour. Assume that arrivals follow a Poisson probability distribution and that service times follow an exponential probability distribution. a) What is the a

54 statistics and probability review problems

(17) Find the approximate percentile ranks of the following weights. A. 57 pounds b. 62 pounds c. 64pounds d. 59 pounds Weight (pounds) Frequency 52.5-55.5 9 55.5-58.5 12 58.5-61.5

The Distribution and Probability of Xbar

Let Xbar be the mean of a random sample of Size 5 from a normal distribution with &#956; = 0 and &#963;^2 = 125. Determine c so that Pr(Xbar < c)=0.90. Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems.

Parallel treatments of a frequency distribution and a probability distribution.

Parallel treatments of a frequency distribution and a probably distribution. Frequency Distribution Complete the table below for the following data. (Recall that x is the midpoint of the interval.) 14, 7, 1, 11, 2, 3, 11, 6, 10, 13, 11, 11, 16, 12, 9, 11, 9, 10, 7, 12, 9, 6, 4, 5, 9, 16, 12, 12, 11, 10, 14, 9, 13, 10, 15,

Operation Management

Operation Management Service Process selection and Design #1 - Students arrive at the Administrative Services Office at an average of one every 15 minutes, and their requests take on average 10 minutes to be processed. The service counter is staffed by only one clerk, Judy Gumshoes, who works eight hours per day. Assume Po

Excel Queuing System

Need to solve using Excel Queuing System Sal's international barbershop is a popular haircutting and styling salon near the campus of the University of New Orleans. Four barbers work full time and spend an average of 15 minutes on each customer. Customers arrive all day long, at an average of 12 per hour. When they enter, they

The Golding Discount Department Store: Excel Queuing System Problem

Excel Queuing System The Golding Discount Department Store has approximately 300 customers shopping in its store between 9am and 5pm on Saturdays. In deciding how many cash registers to keep open each Saturday, Golding's manager considers 2 factors: customer waiting time(and the associated waiting cost) and the service costs

Need help with Project Network setup

Laura Thompson needs to plan and manage a local construction project. The following table describes the relationships between the activities that need to be completed: ACTIVITY Day A Day M Day B Immediate Predecessors A 4 8 13 B 4 10 15 A C


1. Last fall, a gardener planted 65 iris bulbs. She found that only 56 of the bulbs bloomed in the spring. a) Find the empirical probability that an iris bulb of this type will bloom b) How many of the bulbs should she plant next fall if she would like at least 92 to bloom? 2. The last 40 violent crimes committed in Scon