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Sampling Fruit A merchant buys boxes of fruit from a grower and sells them. Each box of fruit is either Good or Bad. A Good box contains 80% excellent fruit and will earn $200 profit on the retail market. A Bad box contains 30% excellent fruit and will produce a loss of $1000. The a priori probability of receiving a Good box of

Probability of Soda

A cooler at a picnic contains 100 cans of soda covered by ice. There are 30 cans of cola, 40 cans of orange soda, 10 cans of ginger ale, and 20 cans of root beer. If one can is selected at random, determine the probability that the soda selected is cola OR orange soda.

Statistics - Probability of planting bulbs

Last fall, a gardener planted 56 iris bulbs. She found that only 49 of the bulbs bloomed in the spring. Find the empirical probability that an iris bulb of this type will bloom. Give answer as a fraction in lowest terms. How many of the bulbs should she plant next fall if she would like at least 52 to bloom?

Find the probability of selecting an eight

A card is selected from a standard deck of 52 playing cards. Find the probability of selecting an eight given the card is a not a face card. (An ace is not a face card.) a club given the card is red. a King, given that the card is red.

Probability of selecting a resident live in Alaska

According to the U. S. Census Bureau, the total 2008 U.S. population was 303,824,640. The chart below summarizes the 2008 population for five U.S. States. U. S. State 2008 Population Alaska 686,293 California 36,756,666 Hawaii 1,288,198 Idaho 1,523,816 Indiana 6,376,792 SOURCE: U. S. Censu

Probability to Determine Frequency and Dependency

Two students, Jen and John, are registered for the same class and attend independently to each other, Jen 82.5% of the time and John 95% of the time. What is the probability that on any given day a) Both will be in class? b) At least one of them will not be in class? 12) In a study to determine frequency and dependency o


A bicycle plant runs two assembly lines, A and B. 96.3% of line A's products pass instruction, while only 92.1% of line B's products pass inspection, and 70% of the factory's bikes come off assembly line A. a) What is the probability that a randomly selected bike passed inspection? b) What is the probability that a randomly


A box contains 4 green, 10 red, 6 yellow, and 5 blue marbles. Four marbles are drawn from the box without replacement. a) What is the probability that you get one marble of each color?? b) What is the probability that none of the marbles is red? c) What is the probability that all four marbles are the same color

Number of delegations

A legislative committee consists of 8 Democrats, 6 Republicans, and 1 Independent. A delegation of 3 is selected to visit a small Pacific island republic: a) How many different delegations are possible? b) How many different delegations consist of at least 1 Republican?


1) A bagel shop offers 14 varieties of bagels, 11 flavors of cream cheese, and 15 flavors of coffee. How many different orders for a bagel, cream cheese, and a coffee can a customer place? 2) 2800 people were surveyed about their recent purchases. 715 of those people surveyed bought a television within the last year, 461 bou


. A professional chef's work responsibilities include creating new dishes, shopping for ingredients and cooking the meals. On Friday, Justin, a professional chef, spent 2 hours shopping for ingredients, 3 hours creating new dishes and 5 hours cooking the meals. If Justin's work hours on Saturday are spent approximately the same

Probabilities of Drawing Certain Marbles from a Bag

A bag contains 9 pink marbles, 6 green marbles and 14 brown marbles. What is the chance of drawing a pink marble? If a pink marble is drawn then placed back into the bag, and a second marble is drawn, what is the probability of drawing a green marble? Give solutions exactly in reduced fraction form, separated by a comma.


Suppose a family plans 6 children, and the probability that a particular child is a girl is ½. Find the probabilities that the 6-child family has the following children. All girls No more than 2 boys

Probability: 3 colors of balls in a bag

A basket contains 4 black, 2 blue, and 5 green balls. A sample of 3 balls is drawn. Find the probabilities that the sample, drawn without replacement, contains the following All blue balls Exactly 2 black balls 2 green balls and 1 blue ball

Probability of creating a mini license plate with an E

A mini license plate for a toy car must consist of a number followed by a T and a vowel. Each number must be a 3, 6, or 9. Use the counting principle to determine the number of points in the sample space. Construct a tree diagram and submit it to the week 5, assignment 2 dropbox. List the sample space. Determine

Probability of first and second players

Please explain in detail... A two-person game is played in which a fair coin is tossed until either the sequence HT (heads, tails) or the sequence TT (tails, tails) appears. If HT appears, the first player wins; if TT appears, the second player wins. Would you rather be the first or second player? Explain.


A pet shop is selling a calico cat, a Siammese cat, a Persian cat, and a Himalyan cat. The Chens are going to select two cats to bring home as pets. 1. Construct a tree diagram and list the sample space. 2. Determine the probability that they select: the Persian car the Persian cat and the calici cat cats other than

Probability that both circuits are defective

A factory worker places 93 newly created circuits on a shelf to be checked for quality. Of these, 8 will not work correctly. Suppose that she is asked to randomly select two circuits, without replacement, from the shelf. What is the chance that both circuits she selects will be defective? Show step by step work! Approximate the

Normal Probability: Sampling Distribution

Please provide help with this sample. I had miss this lecture last week and seem to be confuse towards getting the answer. See the attached file. The amount of time a bank teller spends with each customer has a population mean, u, of 3.10 minutes and standard deviation, of 0.40 minute. If you select a random sample of 16 cus

Probability and tree diagrams.

The probability that Simon completes his homework is 7/8 and the probability that Hannah completes her homework is 3/4. By drawing a tree diagram, find the probability that i) Simon does not complete his homework ii) Both Simon and Hannah complete their homework iii) Neither Simon nor Hannah complete their homework

Probability Community Individual Steps

3. Presume in community 1, 52% of individuals who will vote in election favor candidate A while while 48% favor candidate B. In community 2, 46% favor candidate A and 54% favor B. Community 1 is four times as large as community 2. Prior to election, a poll of 1000 randomly selected voters is taken with 800 from community 1 and 2

Probability question with conditional probability concepts

1) Presume there is a measure designed to detect depression in adolescents. This measure detects depression in people who truly are depressed 75% of the time (hit rate), but it diagnoses depression in those who are not truly depressed 20% of the time (false positive). Presume there exists a population of adolescents (infinite in

Probailitiy Questions: Poisson Distribution

Assume that customers enter a store at the rate of 60 persons per hour. (a) What is the probability that during a 5-minute interval no one will enter the store? (b) What time interval is such that the probability is 1/2 that no one will enter the store during that interval?

Poisson Distribution: Determining Calling Probability

Suppose the number of telephone calls an operator receives from 9:00 to 9:05 follows a Poisson distribution with µ = 4. (a) Find the probability that the operator will receive no calls in that time interval tomorrow. (b) Find the probability that in the next 2 days the operator will receive a total of 3 calls in that time i

Mathematics: Poisson Distribution

Metal plates are inspected regularly for flaws and average 2 flaws per square yard. Assume a Poisson process is applicable and calculate the probability of getting (a) no flaws in 4 square yards of material, (b) at most 5 flaws in 4 square yards of material.

Poisson Distribution- Probability

The number of complaints a department store receives every hour follows a Poisson distribution with mean 1. Calculate the probability that the operator will receive no complaints during a one-hour lunch period.


A particular test for the presence of steroids is to be used after a professional track meet. If steroids are present, the test will accurately indicate this 95% of the time. However, if steroids are not present, the test will indicate this 90% of the time (so it is wrong 10% of the time and predicts the presence of steroids). B

Probability Series of Independent Games

Fran and Ron play a series of independent games. Fran's probability of winning any particular game is 0.6 (and Ron's probability of winning is therefore 0.4). Suppose that they play a best-of-5 tournament. (That is, the winner of the tournament is the first person to win 3 games.) 1. Find the probability that Fran wins the to